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Are you creating a marketing strategy for your social media? Hashtagging will help your business by allowing a bigger audience to find you. Here are three tips to create hashtags for your Orlando Business marketing.

Hashtagging photos not only on Instagram but on Twitter can help boost your business to others. Think of a different approach to promoting your company so you can reach a bigger audience. This is where hashtags play a big role in creating more visibility for campaigns and promotional work. Today we’re sharing the tips you need to know when creating a useful hashtag for your company.

Keep It Short

Have you seen a hashtag that is so long you have no idea what it’s saying? Me too. And although they are doing a great job at describing the company or the business, they are doing a bad job at catching the audience. Hashtags should be used to your advantage so keeping it simple is always the way to go. Condensed hashtags are easy to remember, and will catch the audience’s attention. Ultimately a short hashtag will make it easy for your business to be found on social media.

Orlando Business Marketing

Use Hashtags Affiliated With Your Orlando Business Marketing

Chances are there is already a hashtag for what you are doing or want to promote on social media. If there are thousands of people using this particular hashtag then, by all means, use it! You can create a personal hashtag that is precisely tailored to your business, and then you can add in ones that have already been used and are doing well. For instance, our hashtag is #SSCo representing our name. There are also other people who use that hashtag, however, it’s more people seeing our hashtag and a chance to possibly collaborate with those same people.

Orlando Business Marketing

Research Hashtags

Although you can always change up the hashtags you use frequently, you also want to make sure you are using ones that are relevant and are not just taking up space on your caption. Do your homework and research the hashtags that your Orlando business marketing plan will benefit from. Look through different hashtags you would like to use and look to see if any of them have spam content connected to it. When people click on the hashtag you don’t want them to scroll through a massive amount of spam photos before finding yours.

Here are a few tips to remember when creating hashtags for your Orlando business marketing plan:

  • Always remember that a good hashtag for your Orlando business marketing is memorable, unique, and relevant to your posts.
  • Double-check the meaning of your hashtag. You can think it means something totally different than what it actually means.
  • Test and research a hashtag before heavily marketing it.

Your Orlando business marketing will greatly benefit from using the proper hashtags in your marketing campaign on social media. From web design to social media management we offer our services to clients all over the US. Our goal is to help your Orlando business marketing strategy set itself apart. Check out our services here!

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