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There’s nothing better than something that grows your business and saves you money, so we’re sharing our four favorite inexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses.


When you’re running a business, there’s a lot to think about and a lot to pay for. Most of your budgets are probably pretty tight, and it’s likely that your marketing budget is no different. Here are four inexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses that give you the most bang for your buck.

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Oh, and one last thing before we get into it: we know we said these were going to be ‘inexpensive’ marketing ideas, but most of them won’t cost you a thing.


Create A Google My Business Page

The best things in life are free, and so is creating a Google My Business (GMB) page. The vast majority of consumers are using Google as their primary search engine, and creating a GMB page allows your company to show up where potential clients are looking. It’s easy to get started, and one of the best inexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses:

  • Search “Google My Business” or just click here
  • Enter your business name and verify ownership
  • Fill out all of the options, you don’t want any missing information
  • Make sure your business profile is optimized – if you need help with this, give us a call!


Get Active On Social Media

Engaging with your community and building social media presence is another great way to market your business without spending a penny. Having an active social media page can give you the opportunity to give your brand more personality, as well as educate your clients about the services you offer. 


You’ll want to create cohesive business accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Between answering all those phone calls from potential new clients, you can respond to comments, interact with followers, and share your latest blog post on each account. 


Create A Marketing Plan

Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” and nothing could be more true when it comes to small businessinexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses marketing. Inconsistent content, design, and communication can confuse potential clients and leave you looking unprofessional.


It costs nothing but your time to plan out a marketing strategy. Having a schedule for consistent email blasts, blogs, and social media posts is a critical component of your marketing success. 


Utilize Freebies

Speaking of consistency and inexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses, you can’t miss our Instagram content pillars worksheet. This worksheet will help you organize your feed and boost your marketing strategy. This isn’t the only freebie we offer, so check out the rest here, and let us help you reach new clients and save a little cash at the same time. 


And while we’re talking Instagram, be sure to take a look at Iconosquare for all of your analytics needs. Research hashtags, monitor your engagement, and access the reports you need – all in one convenient service. 


We may have reached the last of our four inexpensive marketing ideas for Orlando small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your company’s marketing journey. If you’re ready to expand your business, contact South Street & Co. or take advantage of a free consultation. We’re looking forward to working with you. 

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