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If you are interested in hiring a Kissimmee digital marketing agency, it’s essential to do some homework before you reach out for help.

Some preliminary tasks include online research, reviewing portfolios, and understanding strategy recommendations. Here are three signs you’ve found the right agency for your business.

Research agencies nearby and beyondKissimmee digital marketing agency

The first step in finding the right Kissimmee digital marketing agency for your business is to browse online for ones in the same town and surrounding areas. While hiring a local agency is not always necessary, some business owners prefer a marketing team nearby. Use targeted keywords for your business to compare the competition throughout the state and nationally.

For example, if you are a law firm seeking marketing help to help bring in new clients, try searching for variations around that keyword, such as:

  • Attorney social media marketing
  • Attorney digital marketing
  • Legal digital marketing agency
  • Legal SEO agency

Or you could also search phrases related to your area such as:

  • Kissimmee digital marketing agency
  • Kissimmee digital marketing agency for attorneys
  • Orlando attorney  marketing agency

Compare all options as a successful agency should show top rankings for those keywords. The next step is to do some homework on the select agencies that stood out.

Conduct your own research

Before hiring at Kissimmee digital marketing agency, see what others say about them first by checking out their Google reviews. If it’s been a few years since they’re last positive review or they have a low average review rating, we recommend choosing an agency with a more active and top-rated Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile helps bring in customers who find your business on Google search or Google Maps. This platform is essential for small to medium-sized businesses marketing strategies, plus it’s free of charge! This is something that we help clients with on a daily basis and we’re proud to be one of the top-rated Kissimmee digital marketing agencies with a passion for creatively collaborating with our clients. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our client had to say about working with us:

 “Our office has been working with South Street & Company for many years, and we have nothing but great things to say. They have helped us tremendously with our website and marketing goals and are always pushing us to keep improving. We highly recommend South Street!” – Herbert M. Hill, P.A. 

Some signs you found the right agency online include: 

  • Consistent and positive recent Google reviews
  • Active social media channels 
  • Updated blogs and easy-to-use website design with creative content 
  • Resources to help grow your business
  • An online presence that leaves you with an understanding of their brand 

If your business does need a Google Business Profile refresh, let’s get a call scheduled to learn more about your needs and how we can help. 

Successful consultation and positive experience

Kissimmee digital marketing agencyOnce your preliminary research is complete and you’ve met with a few agencies, it’s time to recap on what to do with the information and experience you received throughout the process. During the consultation, the right agency will take the time to help you understand their strategy recommendations. The digital marketing realm can be overwhelming for business owners who aren’t experienced in this industry, and understandably so! They need to focus on their trades and managing the company. The agency should also offer attainable and measurable goals with a clear scope of work that helps to help achieve your business goals monthly. 

Lastly, did you feel connected and confident in the team’s qualifications to do the job? The right Kissimmee digital marketing agency should not only show related solid client work experience, but they should feel like a great fit. Are you ready to start making steps to find the right agency for your business? Book a consultation on your own time with our easy scheduler.