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From content machines to overpromising, there are a few red flags to watch when searching for Florida marketing companies. Here are three signs you found the best one for your business.

The search for Florida marketing companies should include a checklist to find the best one. These steps should consist of browsing through platforms, reviewing qualifications, and meeting the team for a consultation. You should find more than just savvy social media channels and positive reviews. The right digital marketing agency will show comprehensive skills, successful projects, and high-quality content across your industry. Here are three signs that you found the top-tier one.

Impressive Online Presence 

Would you work with a digital marketing agency whose social media presence is “bleh”? As you’d expect your dentist to have great teeth and your hairstylist to have nice hair, Florida marketing companies should have a strong web presence that immediately leaves you with an understanding of their brand. 

Some examples of weak online branding are:

  • Inactive social media profiles 
  • Blurry and hard-to-read graphics
  • No pictures of the team on any platform 
  • Dated and slow loading website 
  • Spam-like content that provides no value

The takeaways when searching for Florida marketing companies should be an impressive online presence with unique branding and free resources. Now that you know what to look for at the surface level of a digital agency, it’s time to dive deeper on your search for the best ones.

Content Machine vs. Content Team Florida marketing companies

If you don’t know about content “machine” companies, now you know. Content machines are dedicated to producing high quantities of content that aren’t tailored to your company’s unique brand to make more profit. Be sure to watch out for these types of marketing agencies, as they can leave you in a worse position than you were before.

A trustworthy content team is the right type of agency you need. They’re made up of qualified marketing professionals who deliver high-quality content that connects with your targeted audience. When choosing from Florida marketing companies, you can decipher between a content machine versus a content team by checking out their online platforms, scheduling a consultation to meet the team, and reviewing their work related to your industry. Here’s what you should be looking for.

Successful Related Work & Realistic Goals

Many agencies can be successful in various industries, services, campaigns, and projects. However, the agency that is the best fit for your business should have a successful history in your industry. For example, suppose you’re looking to increase your ranking on Google as a manufacturing company. In that case, you should review the agency’s SEO services, successful client projects, and case studies within your related industry. 

Florida marketing companiesSome sample questions you should ask an agency during your consultation are:

  • How do you help [related industry] companies grow?
  • How do you measure and monitor the success of a digital marketing strategy? 
  • How will this strategy help achieve my company’s goals?
  • How do you handle readjustments to a marketing plan when needed? 
  • Can you provide measurable monthly goals?

After the consultation, you should have realistic expectations and goals from a proposed marketing plan. If a digital marketing agency makes huge revenue or audience growth promises in a short timeframe, this can be a red flag! Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry or legal industry with different marketing needs, ask specific questions and get tailored answers related to your business. Remember, marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all package! A successful digital marketing strategy should be customized and executed strategically. 

Once you have decided to move forward with the right agency for you, we highly recommend using cloud-based accounting software to keep track of your invoices. This way, you can measure the ROI on the services you’ve been investing in one easy, secure, and centralized place.

Kickoff Your Digital Marketing Plan Today 

When searching for Florida marketing companies, avoid unnecessary add-ons and don’t invest in services that aren’t going to help your business grow. At South Street & Co., we take the time to work with you, discover what makes your company unique, and build a personalized marketing plan that seamlessly integrates with your brand. The right combination of marketing services will meet your exact needs.

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