4 Ways Our Florida Marketing Agency Keeps Your Marketing Strategy Fresh

4 Ways Our Florida Marketing Agency Keeps Your Marketing Strategy Fresh

4 Ways Our Florida Marketing Agency Keeps Your Marketing Strategy Fresh

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Before you start working with a Florida marketing agency, there are probably a few things that you want to know. We’re sharing how we keep your strategy effective and engaging. 

Do you ever feel like you’ve just mastered something, only to find out that version 2.0 is coming out in a week? We’ve all been there. Keeping up with changes and trends that affect your business can be challenging enough; it’s nearly impossible to stay aware of the different marketing channels and strategies available to you. That’s why it’s great to work with a Florida marketing agency like South Street & Co. We’re here to take care of your marketing needs while you focus on what you do best: caring for your clients and customers. 

4 Ways Our Florida Marketing Agency Keeps Your Marketing Strategy Fresh

Monthly Reports

There’s really no point in putting time and money into anything unless you’re getting measurable results, and you can’t measure results without monitoring data. We provide our clients with monthly reports that show:

  • Changes in website traffic
  • The number of keywords they’re ranking for
  • The source of website traffic (direct search, organic search, referrals, and more)
  • Social media followers
  • Social media engagement
  • Google Business Profile traffic and interactions
  • And more!

If there’s a data point you’re wondering about, we’ll make sure it’s being watched and reported on regularly. These reports aren’t just for our clients either, they’re for us too! We assess our clients’ results each month and then meet as a team to discuss them. If we need to make any changes to how we’re doing things, we’ll check and adjust as needed. This helps us to make the changes necessary to get real results from your marketing efforts

Continued Education

Remember what we said about mastering something and then learning about version 2.0? To keep our team on top of the latest and greatest marketing resources available, we build continuing education into our quarterly routine. We pursue education in tools that are interesting to us and useful to our clients, whether that’s the latest Google or Meta program, or training for a new, specific skill.


Everyone knows how important it is to step outside of your day-to-day routine once in a while. If we spent all of our time focusing inwards, we would limit ourselves to knowledge and skills that are only available in our immediate environment. As a Florida marketing agency, attending networking events and connecting with our industry peers allows us to discuss and collaborate, developing new ideas and improved strategies for our clients.

Industry Research – In YOUR Industry

When we pursue continued education and industry trends, we’re not just focusing on the marketing industry – we’re looking at your industry too! We keep up with changes and news in our clients’ industry. It helps us to stay knowledgeable and create compelling content for their audience and marketing strategies that make an impact. 

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