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5 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Visibility On Google Business Profile From An Orlando Local Business Marketing Agency

5 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Visibility On Google Business Profile From An Orlando Local Business Marketing Agency

5 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Visibility On Google Business Profile From An Orlando Local Business Marketing Agency

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Do you have a Google Business Profile that’s not reaching the audience you want it to? Implement these tips from our Orlando local business marketing agency to start your journey towards increased visibility. 

Every business owner out there wants their business to be in front of the largest audience possible, and one of the best ways to do that is to have an active online presence. Sometimes marketing your business online can be hard, and as an Orlando local business marketing agency, we get it. 

Take Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), for example. You made your profile, added all the business information you could think of, and now you’re watching and waiting for the work to pay off. Maybe you’ve noticed that some of your competitors appear in local searches, but you don’t see the same results. We’ve put together a few tips that you can use today to boost your presence on Google Business Profile. 

How does Google Determine Where Your Business Ranks?

Google uses three factors to determine where your business appears in local search results. These are:


Relevance refers to how closely your Google Business Profile matches the search terms that the user is looking for. This is why having a completed and optimized profile is so important!


If the searcher has the location on their device turned on, Google will prioritize business locations closer to the searcher’s location. 


Prominence may be the most challenging ranking factor of the three. To keep the ranking system fair, unless you’re running a paid ad, Google won’t let you pay or ask for a better spot on the results page. 

Prominence can refer to how well-known the location is, such as landmarks or famous museums. If your local business isn’t a famous destination (even though all local businesses are destinations to us), then Google will use the information that it has about your company from across the internet. That could include articles, links, and online directories. 

Google also includes the number of reviews and whether those reviews are positive or negative in your ranking. More great reviews can boost your visibility and bring in more customers! It’s a win-win. 

Google will also consider your position for web search results when factoring your rank for your Google Business Profile – so it’s important to follow SEO (search engine optimization) best practices on your website. 

5 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Visibility On Google Business Profile 

Make sure your basic information is complete and active

Local results show up best when your business is relevant to the search. That means that businesses with complete and accurate information will more easily match the searches. You’ll want to:

  • Fill in your business name, address, phone number, and other contact information
  • Verify your location
  • Keep your hours up to date, and make changes as needed
  • Update photos and other things as your business evolves

Create a compelling description

You can fill out a description of your business on your Google Business Profile. This is something that is visible to all users and can convey what it is that your business does both to them and to Google. 

Your description should include some common keywords that describe your business and have a strong call to action that will draw customers in. 

Include all services that your business provides

As an Orlando local business marketing agency, we’ve seen some business owners update their Google Business Profile with only one or two of their core services. You’ll want to make sure that all your business’ services are listed on your profile. Failing to do this could mean that you won’t appear in some users’ searches. 

Get reviews

It’s clear from the Google ranking factors that your business’ reputation is important – but you probably didn’t need Google to tell you that! If your profile is light on reviews, go ahead and ask for more. You can talk to past and current customers to get reviews or partner with a team that knows review marketing like the back of their hand. You have a huge impact on the number and type of reviews that you get, so make your focus to get genuine, honest reviews, and your efforts will pay off. 

Be smart about photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s so important to make sure that you’re regularly updating your Google Business Profile with new images. One important word of advice is to make sure the images match your business. Google uses the images on your profile to determine its relevancy, so if you have a lot of unrelated stock images that don’t reflect the services that you offer, it could impact your rankings. 

Sound Like A Lot? That’s Why We’re Here

Optimizing your Google Business Profile and keeping up with all the changes can feel like a full time job, and that’s why so many businesses partner with an Orlando local business marketing agency like South Street & Co. Contact us today to talk about how we can use digital marketing to take your business to new heights!

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