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According to Sprout Social, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social. That means you need to get your Orlando Facebook marketing strategy on track, stat!

Create Organic Orlando Facebook Marketing With Consistent Posts

Post at least three times per week on your Facebook Business Page to appear active on the platform. Plan posts around your company theme or around special days such as “Motivation Monday,” or make your own inspirational day! If you’re an electric company, “Watts New Wednesday” or “Stay Lit Saturday” might work. Get creative with your posts so that they grab your customers’ attention while still being informative. Regularly update your Facebook Page to excite existing customers and entice potential customers.

Business Is Personal. Facebook Live Connects You With Your Customers

Orlando Facebook MarketingPeople spend three times as much time watching a Facebook Live video than a pre-recorded video on Facebook (Sprout Social). Customers want to hear what you have to say in real-time. Although going live might sound intimidating, think of the video as an opportunity to educate your audience. Pick a topic that will help them, and then create a quick outline for your video: intro, 3 points, conclusion. This valuable freebie will live on your Facebook page for viewers to replay.

You can even repurpose your own content to reach other audiences by linking to the video in an email campaign or a page on your website!

Engage With Your Community On Facebook

Posting on Facebook is a great way to start a conversation, but seeking out conversations one-to-one with the community takes your Orlando Facebook marketing strategy one step further. Make sure you’re responding to all comments– good and bad– on posts, pages, and ads so the online Facebook community knows there’s another human on the other side of that screen! Set aside 15 minutes per day to check in on posts and respond to community questions and comments. If you don’t find any items to comment back on, seek out conversations with like-minded individuals and local businesses you want to partner with! Think about your voice and decide if you want to comment with “I” or “we.” Keep it personal and professional when you engage with the online community.

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