Why Free Content Will Help Bring Paying Customers

Why Free Content Will Help Bring Paying Customers

Why Free Content Will Help Bring Paying Customers

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Businesses aren’t in business to give away free value to customers– however, it could be their saving grace. More and more customers look for a trial with new businesses, whether it’s a free sample or a free consultation. To keep up with the demands of customers, we have implemented more free content than ever. Here is some of the free content we offer and how you can create free content just like it!


Since the early days of South Street & Co., we’ve always sent out an email newsletter each month. We recently switched up our email template, so that we now send out two different emails bi-weekly! In it, you can find tutorial videos, advice from our Owner, apps we love, industry blogs and free downloadables! 

A newsletter is a great way to give your audience free value straight from your business! Click here to sign up for the Thrive. Think about what value you could add in your own newsletter.


We recently introduced our Toolbox resource page with DIY marketing videos, workshops, in-person events and free downloadables! Some of the downloads we offer include a business vision board and SEO checklist. To demonstrate the value of our resources, we require visitors who click to download an item to provide their email address before receiving the download.

By requiring an email address to download valuable content, we were able to give away free content and build our email list. Check out our Toolbox page here.


Free consultations are common for service-based businesses similar to product-based businesses handing out free samples. Consultations and samples are an easy way for consumers to try your business risk-free. As much as we want customers to make a purchase right then and there, we also have to understand they are taking a risk in our business with their money. 

Offering a complimentary consultation or sample helps build trust between your business and your customers. If your customers have already tried your product or met with you in person, then they will feel more confident in their purchase with a positive experience. 

All of these options are free ways to build relationships with customers and explain why customers should choose to work with us. At South Street & Co., we consistently share marketing tips and tricks with our audience on social media, offering free content outside of our paid services. 

It might seem crazy to give away so much valuable content, but when your customers find value in your free offers, they will be more inclined to purchase your paid products and services. That’s a win-win for you and your customers!

If you’re in need of additional marketing advice and how to engage your customers, fill out the form below or contact us to set up a free, 30-minute consultation!

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