Why Checking Your Small Business Facebook Analytics Should Be Done On A Monthly Basis

Why Checking Your Small Business Facebook Analytics Should Be Done On A Monthly Basis

Why Checking Your Small Business Facebook Analytics Should Be Done On A Monthly Basis

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Social media marketing is made easier with Facebook analytics. By analyzing post engagement and reach on a monthly basis, the marketing of your small business can flourish!

Tools such as the analytics option on Facebook give insights into the individuals reacting, commenting and sharing your content. As well as, the amount of reach your organic and paid posts are receiving. All this information is extremely useful in ensuring you have an effective marketing strategy in place.

A Brief Intro To FB Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a unique option offered to business pages allowing them to analyze post engagement and reach. Honestly, what can’t you do on Facebook?

Facebook Analytics is an especially useful tool for small businesses that rely on social media as their primary source of marketing. Marketing as a small business can be difficult. Especially when it comes to finding the appropriate resources for measuring the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy. That is until Facebook analytics came around!

By using Facebook Analytics on a monthly basis your company can go through many trial and error periods in order to find the most suitable method for your specific industry without the extra cost associated with research and design.

Engagement Within FB Analytics

If checking Facebook Analytics on a monthly basis isn’t part of your small business’ marketing strategy, you are missing out BIG TIME.

This free tool is extremely helpful for various reasons, the first being engagement. Think about it… what is the purpose of posting content to increase brand awareness if no one sees your posts or likes the content enough to click on your page?

At that point you have to ask yourself, why did you create the page? If turning spectators into clients is your goal, Facebook analytics is the tool for you. Social media is a spectator game, only those that are truly active in their marketing techniques are able to convert spectators into customers.

Small Business Facebook Analytics
Photo Source: facebook.com/analytics

Facebook Analytics gives your small business an edge in marketing by allowing you to see how many people react, comment or share your post, it doesn’t stop there though.

Through the engagement option of Facebook Analytics, you are able to identify which times and on what days, your reach is maximized. Knowing the best times to post and the type of content that is most favorable to your desired audience are key indicators of the direction your marketing should take going forward.

Reach Within FB Analytics

Establishing a prominent reach on social media is the next best thing Facebook business pages have the option of doing. Through Facebook Analytics, you are given the opportunity to identify both organic and paid reach.

Differentiating between organic and paid reach helps you determine whether or not the markets you are targeting through paid posts are effective. And this identifies how far your Facebook page will get solely from organic reach.

Small Business Facebook Analytics
Photo Source: marketingland.com

Paid posts generally reach a broader audience because it is shared not only with individuals that like your page but is also seen by individuals that fit the demographics you target.

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