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30% of adults admit that they are constantly online, according to Pew Research, which means having a digital content marketing strategy becomes increasingly important for your local business. But you’re not in this alone – we’re laying out the foundation for how it works and how we can help you get there! 

55% of B2B marketers said their company had no integrated digital marketing strategy that incorporated paid media, social media, lead nurturing, and content-focused platforms. That’s a lot of businesses without a complete digital content marketing cycle set-up to optimize their marketing. We work to change that. So, here’s why a digital content marketing strategy is important for your local business:


Helps You Reach The Goals Set For Your Business 

A significant perk of investing in digital content marketing is that your investment has an unlimited lifespan once posted to your website. This means that a single piece of content produced can reach new customers at multiple touchpoints. Sounds like a dream come true? Just wait. 

Creating a content-rich website allows your customers to revisit the information they found multiple times. Not sure if that’s something you can do, we can help. Our FREE guide on the 7 Google Ranking Factors can help you understand which updates are worth investing in first. 



Get Your Checklists!

Reaches Your Audience With Valuable Information 

Another important part of your local business’s digital content marketing plan is that, when done right,  it helps any promotional messages reach your target audience. A combination of content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing serves as a complete marketing cycle for all of the content produced. 


When a single piece of content is produced, let’s say a blog post, for example. A combination of digital marketing efforts can work to give that content the largest reach possible. This is done by posting promotional blog materials on social media, updating the blog on your website’s homepage, and including links to the blog in email marketing newsletters. 


Rank Higher Through Search Engine Optimization 

Another important aspect of any digital content marketing strategy is search engine optimization, which is the marketer’s way of saying, “Hey Google, my site has information that helps your searchers!” Kind of important to have the search engines on your business’s side, isn’t it? We sure think so. 


Our team of marketers can help you rank higher through consistent content creation and site updates when potential customers search for the solutions your business provides. When it comes to site updates, you might want to leave it to the WordPress wizards, or if you’re a DIY marketer wanting to try it yourself, we have a tool to help called WPEngine


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can tackle your digital marketing strategy and content cycle, schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation here. We look forward to providing digital value to both your customers and local business! 

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