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Keeping up with marketing trends will always benefit your business. One of the most important aspects you should keep up with is updating your website & maybe even a new website design.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a new website design to update your look & attract your ideal clientele. 

Technology, design, marketing (and more!) are changing and improving every day. You always want your business to be up-to-date in every aspect, especially your website’s design because that’s the first thing people see, and you want your website design to bring traffic to your business. So ask yourself, when’s the last time you updated your website?

User Experience (UX)

In 2020, your website should offer a user experience that aligns with your target audience. If your website takes a long time to load, if it is difficult to navigate, or you do not understand what certain areas and buttons are used for, your website is not user-friendly. Most people will not return to a website that is overly complicated or outdated. 

Although your website can have a fresh look, it must provide a user experience that is easy to navigate. You want to take your audience on a journey through your site. 

Visual Appearance And Branding Your New Website Design

When you access a website for the first time, the homepage is a customer’s first impression that represents your business. Keeping up with design trends and keeping your website visually updated draws positive attention to your business, leaving clients wanting to know more or to be inspired to work with you. You also want to make sure your website’s branding is consistently up to date, not only the visual aspect but also the verbiage you want your business to portray, your goals, and company values. 

New Website DesignMobile Responsive

This is a big one for 2020 (and has been for a while!). Your website must be mobile responsive because in this new decade, mobile-first search is taking over. Most people access everything from paying their bills to online shopping to Facebook on their phones. So make sure you update your website to work and look consistent on every device, including desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After your design is up-to-date, remember to optimize the SEO settings for your website content. Google and other search engines are constantly updating, which can cause your website to fall behind in search results. Consistently updating your website design and keywords will improve your results.

Of course, you always want to stay on-brand and never lose sight of what your company stands for, but it is also important to keep your site fresh. Staying up-to-date implies you keep up with what is trending and helps you bring in new leads for your business. This also demonstrates that you are willing to invest in your business and that you take your business seriously. 

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