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Case Study: How We Helped Our Client Become One Of The Most Pup-ular Dog Facilities In Orlando

Case Study: How We Helped Our Client Become One Of The Most Pup-ular Dog Facilities In Orlando

As with any small business, there’s that initial challenge of spreading brand awareness and letting the community know you exist. Here’s how we helped one of our clients get more exposure online and grow their business:

Client Background

Rocky’s Retreat was founded in 2006 as a canine health and wellness practice. It wasn’t until October of 2017 that Rocky’s Retreat was bought by a new owner, who shifted the facility’s focus to overnight dog boarding, doggy daycare, and hydrotherapy services. This is where our story begins. 

The Challenge 

The new owner of Rocky’s Retreat came to us in hopes to grow the reach online and to earn more bookings. The facility was adding new and improved services that weren’t getting any exposure or ranking against competitors. 

Upon initial analysis, their website was getting a lot of traffic from old blogs that focused on wellness practices and services that were no longer offered. Their website content needed to be updated to relevant information and they needed to educate their audience on their brand’s new focus. 

We knew they needed the SEO package in order to outrank their competitive market. 

The Goal 

The client wanted to be portrayed as an intimate, boutique dog facility that ranked for keywords such as dog boarding and doggy daycare. Their initial focus was on hydrotherapy because they’re one of the only facilities in Central Florida that offer that service. Not only that but they also wanted to target Orlando and its surrounding cities. 

The Solution

After doing keyword research to determine areas of opportunity, we began writing blogs and optimizing internal pages to increase rankings. 

Each blog, and page included one keyword that was inserted throughout to increase frequency. From there, we’d add the keyword into a tracking program to keep watch the fluctuating rankings. 

After we input the keywords into the system, we let Google know that the page has changed or the blog has been uploaded by submitting the URL into Google Search Console. This is the three-step process we use for all of our SEO clients.

The Results  

The results above are from Rocky’s Retreat’s first month with us. They only had five keywords on the first page of Google and three keywords on the second. 

Now, after almost a year of working together, Rocky’s Retreat has 29 keywords on page one of Google and 20 keywords on page two– and counting! 

In order to maximize exposure, we decided to also run a Facebook ad for the client to see how well people engage with their content on social media. 

And the results were astounding! With over 59,000 people seeing their ad and over 1,200 link clicks to their website, Rocky’s Retreat has certainly made a name for themselves in Central Florida. 

Summary & Forecast

Rocky’s Retreat is thriving online. Their website appears on the first page when you search for Dog Boarding, Doggy Day care and Hydrotherapy.  

The client has seen a significant increase in the number of bookings, and they even reach max capacity around the holidays! We’re thrilled to be a part of this journey with them as we continue to see better results month after month. 

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