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 As a small business owner, you set the budget and know where your money is going. Advertising can be pricey but in some instances, it is worth it. Today we are sharing the best advertising for small business so you too can make a name for your company and ultimately be successful!

The most important thing to note before we delve into the topic of small business advertising is getting a return for the money you have invested. This doesn’t mean we should take on the mindset of “what is left over, we’ll use for advertising,” although this is a common mistake we’ve seen with many small business owners. What it means is to be careful where you advertise and the budget you spend on advertising.

In order to have a successful advertisement, you must follow these key guidelines, that help a consumer benefit or solve a problem.

Here are three things to remember about advertising your small business:

  1. The benefit or solution advertised must be wanted by the consumer.
  2. The product you are offering must be tied directly to the benefit or solution.
  3. The benefit or solution must be communicated through advertising. Be clear, and make sure the message isn’t lost in the ad.

Social Media

I recently wrote a blog on the “Power Of Social Media Marketing” and Facebook ads are a huge portion of our social media strategy. Social media has allowed small business owners to hone in on a specific audience and create an ad that shows it to a specific group of people chosen. Facebook ads are formatted for different goals. There are ads that promote products in your catalog to the right people automatically and one that points people to your website to learn more.

Facebook is not the only social media platform you can use for small business advertising. Instagram is also allowing business to promote their product as well. You can create your Instagram ads using the same tools to create Facebook ads. From video, to differently formatted photos you can now create “aesthetically pleasing” ads that will get the attention of your audience.

Figure out the strategy you would like, and based on your budget you can successfully advertise your business.

Social Media


Collaborating with other businesses or bloggers will position your brand to a bigger audience. For example, if you are a realtor and have a website where you write blogs giving home tips, you can have a “ guest blog” featuring another business. This guest writer can provide roofing tips or AC tips depending on their business. They can leave a link to their website on the blog and anyone that reads the blog on your website can visit theirs. This is an easy way to cross promote each other, at no cost!

Social Media

Sponsorship Opportunities

A unique way to promote your small business is by getting involved with a local community event or auction event. Sponsorship opportunities allow your company to be exposed to a new and different audience. Make sure the event you sponsor correlates well with your brand. Not only is it good exposure but others will see the causes you invest in.

Customer Service

The easiest form of advertising is word of mouth. This can either make or break your career. If you treat each customer or client exceptionally well you will gain their trust. By treating them like royalty not only will they be a loyal customer they will become your personal marketers. They will tell just about anyone about your service and how great your customer service is. Customers listen to other customers, and this can be what catapults your business to the next level.

They will use every outlet to express their gratitude for your service. Disappoint them and everyone will know but if you blow them away with great customer service they will recommend you to just about anyone.

Social Media

Networking Group

A networking group is a great way to get to know other small business men and women. These groups can lead other clients in their small business to yours, and vice versa. Think of it as being each other’s marketers. They will expose you to potential clients and will grow your connections.

There are so many ways to advertise your small business. Set aside a budget and strategize with your marketing team on which platform you would like to advertise in, and how much would you like to spend on each platform. If you don’t have a marketing team, we are here to help!

Social media is no easy feat. So we’ve interviewed the best of the bet to share their social media secrets and successes! Here’s our interview with Not Necessarily Blonde.

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