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What do we want? Social media traffic! Gaining followers, likes, and interaction may seem like a daunting task but with these simple tips, you’ll become an Orlando social media marketing pro!

Local Hashtags for Orlando Social Media Marketing

An easy way to improve your Orlando social media marketing is by reaching the local crowd. Hashtagging creates another outlet for people to discover your content.Orlando Social Media Marketing

Now don’t settle for basic hashtags, your posts may get lost in the masses so we recommend doing some hashtag research. Hashtag research is very important if you want to find an active local community that will respond to your posts.

An easy way to do this is by going on Instagram and searching the hashtag #OrlandoFlorida and a section called “Related” will show other commonly used hashtags related to the Orlando area.

These hashtags become more specific as you scroll through, so locate some that fit what you are trying to market for! For example, if you’re in the food industry try #OrlandoFoodies!

The Frequency for Orlando Social Media Marketing

Have you heard the saying “practice makes perfect?” Well we consider posting as practice, the more you post the more traffic you can drive to your business, improving your Orlando social media marketing.Orlando Social Media Marketing

A tip for remembering to post frequently is by making a schedule. Write down the number of times you want to post in a day, week, etc. and stick to it! If you know you’re going to be busy a certain time – plan ahead and schedule out some posts.

Get Creative With Your Orlando Social Media Marketing

If you really want your social media marketing to stand out, you have to create content that will stand out.

A good way to stand out is by having a theme. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or complicated, simply look for content that mirrors the style of your business.

Check out How To Create The Ideal Instagram Grid for some other tips on creating an eye-catching Instagram!

If you have a small business or want additional help with your Orlando Social Media Marketing, SEO, or any digital marketing needs contact us here at  South Street & Co. today!

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