3 Big Tips to Help Your Winter Park Website Design

3 Big Tips to Help Your Winter Park Website Design

Winter Park website design

3 Big Tips to Help Your Winter Park Website Design

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The 3 tips that will help your Winter Park website design soar to the top of people’s interest and will help you with conversions.

When I first launched South Street & Co., I’ll be honest… my website was NOT where I wanted it to be. But at the time I was proud of it and I didn’t know that. I worked hard to design it how I wanted it and I was happy with the end result.

Fast forward to now… almost TWO years later and we’ve redone the logo, the branding, and even the color scheme that the original brand came to know. But when you’re first starting out, you just want to focus on making money and the website is sometimes an after-thought.

If that’s the case we need to chat! The website is now a primary place for people to find you. It’s your online showcase and guess what? People look at that before they call you. They check you out, learn about you and want to find out how you work, all without even talking to you.

But if you do have a website what can you do to help people reach you easily?

Website design tip 1: Check that your contact forms are working.

This is going to sound silly but it just happened to me. I didn’t test my contact forms and missed out on 7 people who were interested in my services. Yep. It sounds so simple and I missed it. To be clear, though, I checked the main ones and those worked fine, however, I didn’t check the ones that were on the internal pages of the website. I forgot about them and was editing some content on them and thought, “Hey- I haven’t had any inquiries from these and I feel like I should have had at least one…” Turns out I had 7. So, I looked at the times people sent them and followed up with an email telling them I had missed it, apologized and sent some times I could meet. We’ll see what happens or if they reply. So unfortunate.

How do you check your forms?

In order to check your forms you can simply send yourself a test email. What does that mean? Go to your form and fill in all of the info with your information. I had to wait a minute for it to work, but after about 1 minute I got the email telling me that someone had filled out the form.

Winter Park website design

Winter Park website design tip 2: Add contact forms to your internal services pages.

Why should you do this? It’s simple; people are lazy so you need to make it SUPER easy for them. Not only that but you can then see what form they filled out in order to get more information.

I did this for a prior client and added contact forms to the pages. Their form submissions increase from 1-2 per week on the ‘Contact Us’ page to 4-5 per week by adding individual forms to each of the services pages.

I also did this to another client’s site and increase form fills by over double. Now (with SEO too) she’s getting approximately 7 per month which was over double what she was getting with only one on the contact page.

Winter Park website design

Winter Park website design tip 3: Add your phone number to your header or footer.

Yesterday I was looking for a glass company to deliver glass for desk table tops at my office. I Google’d the term “Orlando glass company” and came up with some, called and was directed to two main ones. One had a better price so I went with them but I’d written their phone number down and lost it the day before. I looked their company up and found their Google Local page and it had a link to their website but they didn’t list their phone number.

Winter Park website design

The above is a bonus tip (add your info to your Google Local page!!) When I clicked on their website, they didn’t have a phone number or an email to reach them, they had a contact form. Ideally, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. I don’t have a phone number at the top of my website page but I do have it in the footer along with an email address, the address and hours of operation.

Winter Park website designTo finish my glass story, I ended up having to search through my phone to find their number. Luckily, it was the correct one and I didn’t call the wrong person- which I’ve done before.

Having a great layout and look to your Winter Park website design is important but functionality should always come first. If you or anyone you know needs help revamping their website or a brand spanking new one, give us a ring. We’ve worked with all types of businesses giving them the look and feel along with the functionality!

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