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Since we are a digital marketing agency we focus a lot on branding your social media and website. But it’s also extremely important that you start branding your storefront to represent your company as well.

Branding your storefront will help to bridge the gap between your online presence and your curb appeal.


Making sure your storefront matches your social media is very important. Nowadays, consumers are using social media to find places to shop and if your pictures don’t add up in person…. Well, let’s just say that’s like showing up to a date and the person looks nothing like their pictures!


Not the best experience right? That’s what consumers will take from it. So, let’s talk about ways to add branding to your storefront to help bring life to your brand on and offline.




Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!

Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!


At South Street & Co., our unofficial mascot is succulents! We love succulents because they symbolize growth, are easy to care for, and add greenery to our office. They also are modern and simplistic and they match our brand! When adding branding to your storefront don’t just think about placing your logo on everything but about an element you can add to bring together the brand and the atmosphere. We also use succulents photos for our digital marketing, so it was a no-brainer to fill the office with succulents.


Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!


When branding your storefront, you want to do this tastefully by adding your theme into important key places in your store. For example, window displays or a front sign is a great way to make sure Instagramers can be sure they found the right place! Sounds crazy but if you think about it, it’s the stores that take the time to create an atmosphere that gets popular through social media because everyone wants a picture there.


Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!


You know what they say about first impressions, they are everything. Making sure your storefront entrance or waiting room area, depending on the kind of business, must look stellar!


Try adding a welcome sign or display that shows what you and your business is all about. Branding your storefront is so important because it draws in the consumer and gives them an idea of your brand’s aesthetic.


For example, if you are a local coffee shop you may want it to be modern and simplistic or cozy and antique. Both of those shops provide totally different experiences but still both sell coffee. This is part of your branding and for you to decide how you want your storefront to be seen.


Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!

Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!

Not sure how else you could add your branding to your store? Got an empty wall? Yes, empty walls are the perfect place to start branding your storefront.


For our succulents, we decided to do a succulent wall in our office. We put eleven small simple hanging shelves randomly and then placed succulents on each shelf. This provides an eye catcher and a place for you to really get creative and show off your theme. For example, some cafes have a wall dedicated to art pieces or plants. Even a mural can add to your storefront branding!


Why Branding To Your Storefront Is Worth Your Time!


Here’s a recap of the 4 places to add branding to your storefront!

  1. Window Display or Outside Signs
  2. Entrance/Waiting Room
  3. Empty Wall Space


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