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Finding your brand’s Instagram style won’t be a hard task if you follow these three easy steps.

Have you ever gone on someone’s Instagram and noticed that all their photos have a cohesive theme? All photos on their feed look and feel the same and you can spot their photo a mile away because you recognize their style? Well, I am here to say that is no coincidence, people are intentional with their Instagram style in order to be recognizable. Your Instagram feed should reflect your brand and business to your audience. Today Iโ€™m sharing three ways you can attract your target audience by being intentional with your visuals and posts.

Visual Branding

By repeating the same style of photo, font, colors, edit, and logo your audience will start to recognize the feel of your brand.

Nisolo shoes are easily recognizable because of the consistent edit they use in the photos and even the style of photo they post. Their Instagram style is very clean, minimal, and trendy and you can tell by how clean their background is as their focus is always on the shoe.

 Instagram Style

Juice’d Orlando, on the other hand, is recognizable based on their logo in the photos. They create a consistent theme of reposting customers photo on their page, or they showcase a creative fun photo of their products. The Juiceโ€™d Instagram style is fun, bright, and strategically showcasing their brand logo.

 Instagram Style

Function of Beauty, a personalized hair care company Instagram style is colorful and will showcase the product, or a customer using their product with fun, colorful photos in between. Their personalized shampoo and conditioner bottles are unique in themselves and because they utilize the perfect flat lay techniques, the audience will recognize their brand.

 Instagram Style

Signature Filter

The perfect way to create your own consistent Instagram style is by choosing your personal signature filter. Stick to taking your photos in the same light whether that be dark or light, and use the same filter when possible to make yourself stand out from other brands.

Lauren Conrad uses the same filter in all her photos, and whether her style of photos may be different her signature filter stays the same.

 Instagram Style

Many photographers distinguish themselves based on the type of edit, filter, and style of photos they take. India Earlโ€™s photos use very warm tones, and you can see that each photo may be located in a different scenery but the look and feel of the photo in regards to the filter are consistent.

 Instagram Style

Share Tips

Your Instagram style is not solely based on your visual branding and your signature filter, but also the content that is posted. What are you posting that separates your competitors in the business?

If you donโ€™t follow Tasty on any social media account you are missing countless easy recipes that you can quickly make. They post quick videos on Instagram and Facebook showcasing how they make different meals. Because of their consistent videos, the audience knows tasty video when they see one.

 Instagram Style

The Beauty Department shares different makeup tips and tricks that show how how-to videos on makeup, hairstyles, and facial routines. Instead of being a blog that shows pretty girls with amazing hair, they teach you how to achieve that.

 Instagram Style

Instagram has become an avenue where businesses can showcase their product or service with their audience. Be intentional with what you post and make sure your visual brand is shown, you keep a consistent filter, and you separate yourself from the competitors.

Now that you know what to post here are two ways you are guaranteed a better Orlando Instagram caption to make your Instagram presence on point!

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