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If you’re looking for social media tips for small businesses, you’re in for a real treat. Keep reading to get an idea of what I’ve learned over my internship.

Social media has become the focal point of our lives. Today, 70% of Americans use social media, making it a great way for businesses to connect with prospects and customers. When done properly, it can make sales skyrocket and improve the image of your overall brand. Here are a few of my top social media tips to help you and your business grow on social media.

1. Start With A Clear Plan & Strategy

You should have clear objectives and goals in mind when crafting your strategy, then evaluate how social media might help you achieve them. Sometimes, business owners buy into the idea that they have to be trendy and participate on every platform available due to the fear of missing out. 

But, you have to think in terms of how specific social media platforms can help your unique business achieve its goals. If not, you’re simply wasting your time and efforts on resources that aren’t benefiting you. Click here for social media tips that will help you put the ‘social’ in social media! 

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses2. Consistent Quality Content 

Everyone on social media understands and appreciates quality content. It’s the type of content that captivates people, starts conversations and ultimately leads to conversions. You should do research on what content is performing well in your niche through keyword research and looking at what your competitors are doing. Avoid posting content just to post, always prioritize quality over quantity. Every piece of content you post should be carefully thought-out and tailored towards your audience. Also, you should have a consistent posting schedule without long gaps between posts to keep your audience engaged and informed. Click here for a checklist to help lead the way.

3. Keep The Salesy Tactics To A Minimum 

There’s a clear reason why traditional, salesy marketing tactics went out the window a long time ago. Nobody likes to know they’re being sold. They want to establish real relationships with you. And once you successfully do that, they’ll trust you and eventually buy from you. Social media is all about human interaction and engagement – consumers often find it off-putting when brands post too many promotions. Keep this in mind when coming up with your strategy! Click here for a free downloadable on Instagram content pillars and how they can help you achieve your #SocialGoals. 

4. Interact With Your Customers To Build A Community 

Take the time to respond to your customers via direct messages and comments. This shows that you appreciate them and care about them. Keep your customers engaged by starting conversations with thought-provoking and interesting discussions. This will help you get to know your customers better, tailor your content to resonate with them more deeply, and stand out among competitors. It’s a great way to receive feedback on your business and see where you can make improvements. 



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5. Influencer Marketing & Paid Ads

A common and easy way to reach a new audience and raise brand awareness is to collaborate with an influencer relevant to your niche and have them promote your product/service on their platform. This way, you will get discovered by a whole new relevant group of audiences. 

It’s the equivalent of celebrity endorsement for traditional marketing, but this method is more targeted and can be done with any amount of budget your business is willing to allocate. The same applies for paid ads – you can select a target audience you desire to reach and allocate your budget in a very flexible manner. A combination of these two techniques will help you raise awareness and generate sales tremendously!

Since my internship, I’ve learned a lot about marketing and social media tips. You can count on the team at South Street & Co. to help you earn a more loyal audience base through social media marketing. Click here to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to get started!

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