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Get your phone and taste buds ready because I’m sharing my top five photogenic Orlando coffee shops that I think are Instagram-worthy of your next photo!

Orlando has always been the center of tourism because of Walt Disney World, but what most people don’t know is that we also have hidden gems in our magical town. There have been countless coffee spots created left and right and today we’re sharing my top five photogenic Orlando coffee shops. Not only are they great because you can drink a delicious cup of joe in a great ambiance but they are also great to take photos for your Instagram!

Foxtail Coffee Co. 

Top 5 Photogenic Orlando Coffee Shops

This brand spanking new coffee shop that is perfectly nestled in Winter Park has been the talk of the town. With its urban rustic environment, you won’t feel like you are in Florida. It is perfect to bring your laptop and work, or if you just want to have a chat with your friends. Get your cameras ready because this place is an Instagram favorite.

Downtown Credo

Top 5 Photogenic Orlando Coffee Shops

The perfect thing about Downtown Credo is that there are three locations for you to choose from! Each one of the Orlando Coffee shops has a different aesthetic so even if you went to all three and took a photo of the place they will all look different on Instagram. With couches and tables all over they provide space to lounge and work. Downtown Credo also allows space rentals for your next event!

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co.

 Top 5 Photogenic Orlando Coffee Shops

Barnie’s has been a hidden gem in the heart of Winter Park right on Park Ave. Their indoor seating is great but if you can spot a table outside, go for it! With the pretty weather, many people bring their pets out to enjoy the experience with them. Not only is there outdoor seating by the sidewalk of the shop charming but to top it off if you walk to the back of the shop you will see a dreamy courtyard garden that has more tables and seats that will make you want to snap a photo in every corner.


Top 5 Photogenic Orlando Coffee Shops

Vespr is a cool Orlando coffee shop that perfectly mixes coffee with a little bit of art. You can’t help but feel creative as soon as you walk in the doors, and the coffee is like no other. It’s very Instagram-appropriate for you to take a photo with their cups and their killer logo. Your Instagram audience will be very thankful you shared.

Holy Grain Coffee

Top 5 Photogenic Orlando Coffee Shops

At Holy Grain Coffee, you can relax as you hang out with friends and sip on good coffee. This Orlando coffee shop has such a comfort aesthetic to it, it will make you feel almost as if you are at home. Not only do they provide great coffee but you can also order food! Also, don’t forget to snap a photo of the chalkboard wall they have, it is very #InstagramWorthy.

Orlando has so many things to offer, and it’s time you look around you for your next great Instagram photo. We’re HUGE fans of a great cup of coffee and why not tie that in with a great photo!? (BTW: Here are 4 myths about Social Media I think you should know!) Cheers!

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