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Digital marketing is marketing through digital channels which, if you ask me, just means modern marketing. In the US, 78.2% of our population has access to the internet! So if your marketing isn’t digital, you are doing something wrong. Reach the audience you want with these 4 top digital marketing tips!


Social Media

Social media is about being social! Trust me, the more you give the more you will get. Users love to follow accounts that are engaging and offer them all sorts of value. Whether that be inspiration, entertainment, or information. It generally takes a pretty well-developed account to have users steadily following you.


So where should you start if you want people to want to follow you? Start by creating value for them immediately with something like a contest, giveaway, or challenge. Doing a giveaway (Click here to read our blog on giveaways) will get users excited about your account because they can potentially win something for free. They may even start following you immediately to make sure they don’t miss another giveaway in the future. Having a monthly plan of different giveaways or engaging posts will significantly help your digital marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing


Landing Pages

Think of a landing page as the page you actually want a user to “land” on if they see a link to your site. The landing page can be a different page than what’s on your public website but it still connects with your site. For example, on Instagram, we have a link in our bio that goes to our landing page which says “Thanks for hopping over from Instagram!” If you were to go to you would not be able to find that page because it is specifically meant for that link from Instagram to the website. The landing page still has the website menu so users can go to any part of the site once they have landed on the first page. This will help all your digital marketing efforts connect together.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Email Marketing

Emails serve a huge purpose in society. Many companies, government offices, and health related services can simply email your receipts, forms, and even test results! Which mean people are checking their emails ALL the time. Why not be one of the ones they actually read? Spam emails have given email marketing a bad name but again it’s all about providing value which we all know spam does not.


Some ways to make your digital marketing stand out with emails is to create a weekly newsletter that provides the subscribers with useful information on how to use your products, different services you offer, or even top news in your industry. We have a weekly Thrive Newsletter where we provide knowledge on different strategies to market your business.

digital Marketing


Blogging can help your website tremendously! “But I’m a business, I don’t want to be a blogger.” Blogging does not mean becoming a blogger. You will not be sharing personal information, you’ll share information about your business! The reason blogging can be so effective for your digital marketing is that the more and more words your site has the more and more chances a user will be lead to your site.

digital marketing

Think about it, if you search for “cheap eats near me” the websites with the most matched words will be a higher search result. But there could be an amazing small local restaurant that is less expensive than others but has never said they’re “cheap” on their site. Now the restaurant lost out on the potential business because of one word! So if you blog about all aspects of your business then you cover the most ground on the web! You’ll be sure to improve your digital marketing with these must do strategies!


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