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Giveaways have taken over the social media world and they are the perfect way to increase your following. Here’s a guide to run a giveaway for your small business!

By doing a giveaway, you can give one lucky winner a free product or service from your small business. This will be a win-win for you and your giveaway winner; you get the word out for your small business and your winner receives a prize. Follow these rules to get the most out of your social media giveaway.

Small Business

Follow Your Page

You want to make sure people that will enter the giveaway follow your small business’s social media page to increase the number of followers. You will start to see your number of followers increasing when the giveaway is being held. Maximize your free prize by gaining as many followers as you can.

Tag 2 People

Tell your followers or potential new followers who stumble across your small business social media page to comment and tag at least two people. This will allow them to tag people who do not already know about your small business and it’s great marketing! You can also add that each comment they post will become an entry, so they can comment more than once, tagging more people.

Small Business

Like The Photo

By asking your entries to like the photo that is showing the giveaway items, you will increase the number of likes and interaction on your small business social media. This is a great way to build your online presence. The more interaction, the more likely people will hear about your small business.

Pick a Winner

You want to make sure you’re being fair when it’s time to pick a winner. There are several different apps or websites to consider when choosing the winner. You want to make sure that they followed all the directions and make sure that the winner is completely random.

At South Street & Co. we recommend doing a giveaway from experience! You will not only give back to your loyal customers but make new ones. Follow this guide for holding a giveaway for your small business and you will see results.


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