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Everyone knows that if the remote controller didn’t exist, we would moan every time we had to get up and change the channel. Convenience is a HUGE part of our society… they even named stores after it… Convenience stores. (Hello). So, why not translate this, shall we say, laziness into our marketing?

If we can make marketing easier to do, then we can make marketing more fun and less time consuming. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing. Now, let’s begin.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 1

Use your resources. Your friends, family and networking groups should be used as your personal sales people. If you don’t want to go door-knocking (which is super intimidating, but I’ve done it), then use your friends, networking groups and family to your advantage. Tell them what you’re looking for, tell them what a great referral looks like and tell them what you can’t do. By doing this it will help you spread the word while making the current clients happy.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 2

Use Google Alerts. I’ve talked about this before, but these are AWESOME. This helps me SO much when it comes to social media posts, and even blog topics. The best part? You set them up and they come directly to your email. You can set them to alert you once per week, or multiple times per week. You start by selecting your topic, then choose which country, then choose the frequency. You do this through your Gmail, so make sure you’re logged in.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 3

Schedule/ plan your posts. We all know we get lazy/ busy during the week. Things happen and the procrastinator loses. So, schedule/ post your social media posts ahead of time. Facebook lets you do this now (so do it)! Yesterday I went to get a facial and my aesthetician was saying that she scheduled times and posts each week, but then nothing was happening with her social media so she gave up. DON’T GIVE UP. Interaction takes time. You need to work with your social sites like you work with your friends. It. Takes. Time.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 4

Make awesome photos easily. People are visual and they don’t want to read (some of the time). Making photos that capture people’s attention is very important. You can use Photoshop, which I do, or another site I came across, Canva. This site is amazing and it’s for the novice (unlike Photoshop, it took me a LONG time to get it right). Canva gives you social media sizes for your posts and has great background photos and text for you to use as well. Another great option is WordSwag. I probably use this at least once per week (or even more sometimes) for the social media sites I manage. It is SUPER easy to use. You choose a background, or upload one, then choose your message, then change the font. You can even open your saved photo directly to your social sites if you want through the program.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 5

Google Drive. Even though this has been around for a while now, I cannot stress how awesome it is. In school, it was a lifesaver because you didn’t have to keep emailing projects/ papers back and forth. Okay, Google Drive allows you to have a ‘live’ document. What does this mean? You can work on a project the same time as a co-worker or a boss. It auto-saves everything and you can invite people to share documents via email. It works for me when I’m doing PR outreach for an event. If I have someone looking up the people I want to outreach to, I just go in there and edit, add and update, all at the same time.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 6

DocuSign. This is more on the admin side of your marketing, but it has helped me land more sales than I did before. Why? You can easily email contracts to customers and have them e-sign  in an instant. DocuSign has multiple plans to fit your budget and emails a copy of the contract to your email and your new client’s email. It is fast, easy and doesn’t cost a lot.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 7

Lazy Guide 7: Venmo. Also on the admin side of marketing. BUT this app has also gotten me paid quicker and easier. I would describe it as a social site for paying people back. You sign up and enter your credit card/ bank account information. Now, don’t worry, I researched this because I was sketched out too… They use bank-quality security for all of your info. How it works: You add a friend and let’s say your roommate owes you for electric. You add them to your Venmo account, request payment, type the amount, type what it’s for and BOOM. You just sent them a request. Now, when someone pays you, you can keep it on your Venmo account, or choose to ‘cash out’ to the account you set up through the program. This works well instead of checks. AND THE BEST PART: It’s FREE if you use your bank account or debit card. The only time they charge is if you use a credit card.

Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing Hack 8

Simply Measured Tools. These are the Why? Because it allows you to measure how your social media is doing, what time you should be posting and who your best followers are. Do you really want to sit there and go over all of this on your own and stalk people for hours? Nope, me either. Their tools allow you to do just that and the best part… they’re free! All you need to do is follow them on Twitter and then you’re golden.

So that’s it! This is The Lazy Guide To Awesome Marketing and these are real tips and tricks I use in my everyday marketing and personal life. They’ve helped me grow and I know if you get to know each of them, they’ll do the same for you!!

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