The Instagram Sales Funnel, Hashtags, and Your Sarasota Digital Marketing Strategy

The Instagram Sales Funnel, Hashtags, and Your Sarasota Digital Marketing Strategy

The Instagram Sales Funnel, Hashtags, and Your Sarasota Digital Marketing Strategy

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Heads up – you can’t just post on Instagram and expect to bring in revenue. No need to stress though, our Sarasota digital marketing experts will take you through the Instagram sales funnel so you can post with purpose. 

With over 2 billion users, Instagram has a massive amount of potential to get your company in front of the right users. So let’s get down to it. There are four stages to your Instagram sales funnel strategy: awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty. 


Start by making sure your consumers are familiar with your brand and its products or services. Your target audience should be able to easily remember and recognize your company. Make sure your Instagram bio is optimized and your content is helpful or entertaining. Partner with influencers and your Sarasota digital marketing agency to further your brand awareness.


Now that your target audience knows who you are, it’s time to build trust and credibility so you will be considered as a top-two option. You can do this by creating content that gives expert advice on topics related to your industry, demonstrating how your products or services work, running traffic and lead generation campaigns, or promoting reviews from customers who loved your brand.


Ok, you’re in the final two! Now it’s time to give your followers a reason to act. Give them opportunities to sign up, contact you, or make a purchase. Use limited-time offers, special product drops, free consultations, and conversion campaigns to turn your prospects into paying customers. Try to optimize your offer by allowing them to act without having to leave the Instagram app. 


Many think that the conversion stage is the most important, but they are wrong. This stage can make or break you. You want your customers to become repeat buyers, join your brand’s community, and tell others how great your brand is. This can be done by showing your gratitude, sharing customer success stories, featuring positive user-generated content, and running remarketing campaigns.

Don’t forget the hashtags

When creating any type of content for your Instagram sales funnel, it’s important to add relevant hashtags to organically drive discovery and improve awareness. Instagram allows up to 30 per post or Reel, and up to 10 per Story. Make sure the hashtags used include the following types: unique branded hashtags, locations, industry-specific, viral, descriptive, and relative. You can further optimize your hashtag usage with Later’s Instagram hashtag analytics, to see which of your tags are performing the best. 

I wasn’t joking when I said there’s a lot more to this than just posting content. This blog should get you off to a good start. If you’re still confused or are thinking this is A LOT of work, then just contact your Sarasota digital marketing agency, South Street & Co. We’ve got you covered.

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