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A media kit can potentially take your Casselberry marketing to the next level. Learn how you can create one for your business today!

Have you heard of a media kit? A media kit is a document containing information about your business, product, or event. It is mainly used as a package information that summarizes your company, and any important facts you would like potential clients to know. Until recently we didn’t have one, but now that we do we find it to be essential for your Casselberry marketing (or any type of marketer) to incorporate one into your business!

Today we are sharing the in’s and out’s of a media kit and what we think should be incorporated within the kit in order to successfully provide clients a detailed company overview.

Company Introduction

When you network, you get to indulge people in your passion and what you do from 9-5, but sometimes after you leave the conversation and you forget to mention the key highlights of your company. In your media kit, incorporating a company introduction will give you the opportunity to include everything you forgot to say in networking meetings. This is your chance to explain who you are, what you do and what purpose your business serves.

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Company Mission

Let’s face it, there’s probably a business out there doing the same thing or something similar to your company. By having your company’s mission statement on your media kit you can differentiate your business from your competition and explain what it stands for. Differentiating yourself from your competitors and informing potential clients on what that is, is very important because of the many choices they have. Don’t be afraid to be unique with your Casselberry marketing, because that is what will entice potential clients to choose you over your competitors.

List Of Notable Clients

You are a hard working company, and are proud of your work, why not showcase it? A lot of your potential clients have possibly never worked with someone in your industry before and they want to know that they are making a good decision hiring you. You can have a section on your media kit to showcase the work you have done for a specific client and showcase how you got them from point A to point B. This will give potential clients a little more insight on how you can help them.

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Tip: Attach a portfolio of designs or services you have done to your media kit. Many people are visual and they want to see the quality of your work! Here’s our portfolio.

Package and Rates

Listing your services is not only to be left on your website. It can make your world a lot easier, having them all in a packet. You can list base level pricing so your potential clients can read through and budget out accordingly.


If you work at a job where your stats are important, include this in your Casselberry marketing media kit. For example, you can include website numbers, blog rankings, follower increase on social media, etc. This will add to your credibility, and your potential clients can have better insight to help them with their decision-making process.

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Business Process

Do you have a process that your business follows like clockwork? If so, this would be something to add to your Casselberry marketing media kit. For example, designers and photographers usually will have a specific set of steps they will consistently do to deliver a successful outcome. A media kit is a great way to list this process out to potential customers so they can understand the process and what it takes to successfully produce the work you do!

There is not a set formula to creating a media kit for your Casselberry marketing. You can be creative and incorporate what your company thinks it’s most important to promote. You can be as detailed as you want to make sure it outlines your services, how you have progressed, and any projects you are proud of. A media kit shows that you care by considering any question the potential clients may have and answering them.

Whether placing it on your website or offering them on request, your Casselberry marketing will go to the next level by creating a creative and unique experience for your potential clients with a media kit.

Need a little inspiration to start creating your media kit? Take a look at ours!

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