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There are plenty of website builders for your Lake Mary Marketing, but which is the right one for your company? Today we’re diving into a few pros and cons of Squarespace and WordPress.

Squarespace and WordPress are two of the most popular platforms for creating a website. There are many more platforms that you can use to help create a website that reflects your brand. You can either create everything on your own, or you can use the templates they provide. Whatever your decision, we want to help your Lake Mary Marketing. We are sharing the pros and cons of these two websites so you can choose one that will fit best with your company.


Let’s start off with Squarespace, because it’s one of my favorites. Squarespace’s tagline is “Build It Beautiful” and for good reason too. Their design templates allow you to easily create the website of your dreams with their professional and modern designs. All you have to do is switch out their photos for yours and fill it with your content. Squarespace design templates are a big benefit of using this website to host your Lake Mary marketing website. Another benefit is the fact that all of their features are built in. Everything in Squarespace is owned and developed, that means that you don’t have to figure out if the app or extension is compatible, everything is in-house and so easy to manage.

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A con for Squarespace might include the monthly/ year prices, depending on your budget of course. For a personal website creation it is $12 a month, and for a business website which, in this case, is what we are using it for, is $18 a month. If you compare Squarespace to its competitors it might be the most expensive. Users have also experienced a difficult time with their SEO plugins. For example, their SEO options are present but require a little more configuring to get the right metadata in place. It’s a bit more time to consume looking through the advanced settings in order to integrate Google Analytics, etc.


We use WordPress here at South Street & Co. The initial great thing about WordPress that will benefit your Lake Mary marketing is the fact that it’s FREE (depending on your theme choice). It is frequently used as a content management system for websites AKA blog. As a  marketing agency, we believe that if it enhances your search engine optimization, then we should use it! One of the main advantages of the system is its ability to be easily installed on a hosting server.

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A con to WordPress can be because WordPress has an open source structure, and all the system’s code is available online, it makes it easy for hackers to find and potentially get past. This can affect any plugin you may have on your website. However, you can help prevent hackers by doing a couple simple things like

  1. Updating plugins
  2. Changing your username from admin to something more difficult
  3. Updating the WordPress software

We hope these pros and cons of WordPress and Squarespace helped you decide which website is best for you. Each platform has many advantages we think can benefit your Lake Mary marketing business tremendously. Consider the disadvantages and decide with your lake mary marketing team on which ones you can withstand.

We also just wrote a blog on how we can help your marketing set itself apart! We make sure to post, monitor, and engage with people for you. Here are a few perks of allowing our company set your business apart through hiring us.

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