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Having an online presence is super important for businesses in today’s world. A majority of businesses are found through online searches and looking at websites/social media. As a digital marketing agency, we spend most of our time helping clients with this aspect of the marketing world.


However, from experience, we can tell you it is also important that your business can be seen in more ways than just this one. This is because not every single one of your customers will find you online. Here’s how you can incorporate traditional marketing into your Orlando marketing plan.

Recently we posted a blog about our media kit, because we really feel that something like this can help set your business apart from the rest. Having something tangible with information about your business can really help grow your customer base. Not only will they have that to hold on to and refer back to if they want to refresh themselves on your business, but they can pass it on to others who might be interested in your services. Sometimes, business cards aren’t enough, they can’t always say it all.

In our press kit (which is a HUGE part of our Orlando marketing plan), we list (and go into detail) our services. We talk about our company, employees, and even wrote out some of our reviews from Google. All of these can be helpful for potential customers/clients to read about your company and make sure your business is memorable. You can read our blog on the media kit about things we think are definitely most important to include.  

Ours is a “booklet” style, (a square trifold) so we could fit a lot of information onto it. However, even rack cards & normal tri-folds can be effective. If you want to just highlight your services, what your business is about, or what helps you stand out from others in your industry, these work just as well. Sometimes the traditional route isn’t always so bad when it comes to marketing. These methods can still be effective when executed properly. If you need help designing collateral for your business, we’re here to help! Also check out our portfolio for our past work.

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