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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here! Not only are we looking forward to stuffing our bellies, but we’re thrilled to support our own for Small Business Saturday!

Many are celebrating this week by gathering with their families to feast and give thanks. While others are looking forward to the Black Friday deals that have just been announced. However, amid two of the most notable shopping holidays in the country, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is another one you may not have heard about: Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday, created on November 27, 2010, is celebrated on the Saturday following Black Friday. The goal is to encourage holiday shoppers to utilize and celebrate small local shops around the community for the day. Pretty special, right?

However, it shouldn’t stop there. The truth is, supporting local businesses on a daily basis can actually provide great benefits not only for you–the consumer–but for the community around you. Let’s look at a few benefits of supporting local businesses and how you can show your support.

Small business saturday


Local Decision-Making

One of the biggest reasons for supporting local businesses is the mere fact that these owners live in the same community as you. When important subjects are being discussed, small business owners have an influence over which decisions are made. This type of influence ensures that decisions are being made based on the community’s best interest.

Strengthen The Community

Along with influencing local decision-making, the money gained by small businesses can be kept locally which ultimately drives local development. Small business owners are then able to support local causes, strengthening partnerships among neighbors, residents, schools, and other small businesses.

More Jobs Close To Home

Small businesses even open job opportunities for those who live close by, allowing employees to work closer to home. So no more long commutes to work. Your job is only a few blocks away!

At this point, it’s no question whether you should be a small business advocate. Not sure about how to start supporting small businesses around you? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Buy Local

One of the most direct ways you can support small business is to simply shop locally.

Try buying your produce from local farmers’ markets. Instead of walking into mainstream coffee shops, try that hole in the wall café you always pass up. When you shop local, you’re helping the owners pay their bills.

Share Your Experience

Sharing your experience has always been an important part of driving business. But today, it’s more important than ever. With the internet being a primary tool for many small businesses, leaving a review about your experience is another way you can support them. How many times have you thought about trying something new, but then pass up the opportunity because you couldn’t find a solid review? While it may seem like a small issue, it’s not. Leaving a personalized review can really make a positive difference in small businesses.

Social Media

Building off of my previous point about reviews, supporting local businesses on social media can also have a tremendous impact on their business. With social media being a primary tool for business content going into 2019, sharing a piece of creative content revolving around a favorite local business of yours can really make a difference. Sure word to mouth works, but in 2019, an Instagram story is just as effective!

Attend Or Host Local Events

Whether you are a community leader who hosts events in the community, or simply a citizen living in the same neighborhood, hosting/attending local events could mean major exposure to businesses around you; don’t let it stop on Small Business Saturday!

Next time you want to host a community event, have some space available for local businesses to showcase their products. Or, if you are an attendee of a local event, try showing up with an open mind. You may just discover a few places you can enjoy on your next day off.

Create Your Own!

Small businesses would not exist without the brave men and women who risk it all to serve their community. If you find that there are no local businesses around you, try venturing out a bit and creating your own local business. With so many desires out there, you may just be the talk of the town with your new company.

It’s Our Job!

Small businesses can be the heartbeat of any town or neighborhood. I now have a challenge for you:

  1.     Locate one small business in your area
  2.     Pay them a visit and see what they have to offer
  3.     Tell someone about your experience via social media or word of mouth
  4.     Have that person repeat these steps

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle. However, the impact we’re making on the community and the standard we’re setting for younger generations makes it all worth it.

For more insight on supporting small businesses, and thriving as a small business, check out the rest of our blog! If you’re interested in South Street & Co. helping your small business marketing, give us a call at 407-867-2667. We’d love to get to know your small business! 

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