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There are many working parts involved in a successful marketing strategy. We’re sharing some tips on how you can nail your small business marketing Kissimmee.

Utilize Social Media For EVERYTHING

Although this sometimes seems like a given, it’s always important to remind small business owners how useful social media can be. When you’re crafting your social media strategy for your small business marketing Kissimmee, social media should certainly be a number one priority. 

“But how often should I post?” This is a question we hear and see all the time. The answer, in short, is every day. If you want your social media profiles to be active channels that bring in revenue, then posting every day that you’re open is vital for both your audience and the algorithms. Click here for a cheat sheet to transform your profile into the perfect Instagram page! 

Just recently, I found myself referencing @PIsForPieBakeShop every single day on Instagram to see what their daily specials were. By changing up their menu every day, they’re guaranteeing views and engagement on their socials. If this example isn’t applicable to your business, consider having a daily sale, like ½ off Wednesdays, or posing the same content every week, like #ThrowbackThursday. Consistency is key here, my friends. Give the people what they want each week! 


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    Modernize Your Website 

    When thinking about how you can improve your small business marketing Kissimmee, explore the idea of updating and modernizing your website. Take the word ‘modern’ with a grain of salt because even if you don’t think your brand is modern, your website should meet the expectations of today’s active consumers. 

    The following website is one we redesigned for a local Orlando company. They’re known for their modern home designs, so we wanted to give them a website that matched their aesthetic. And we love how it turned out! 

    Small Business Marketing Kissimmee

    Web surfers, nowadays, are used to hopping online to find a local business or get the answer to their question. If your business’ website isn’t fast, user-friendly and easy to navigate, you’ll quickly lose prospects to your competitor down the search list whose website does have these qualities. 

    If website updates are over your head, we can help. We offer website updates as a service, where we’ll brainstorm ways to improve your website, our development team will implement those changes and you’ll be able to watch as your conversions double in quantity. It’s a win-win for everybody! 

    Don’t Discount The Power Of Email Marketing 

    We understand that email marketing sounds and feels like a beast. But, it truly doesn’t have to be. Back when I was at UCF studying Advertising and Public Relations, one of my professors made it a point to tell us that obtaining emails as a business owner is not only critical, but if you ever had to move locations or if your social media account was hacked, you’d still have a way to contact your customers. 

    This stuck with me because it makes so much sense. I still sign up and get promotional emails all day everyday because it’s an easy, personal way to get in front of your audience. Plus, who isn’t going to open a 60% sale email? I will every time – I’ll tell you that! 

    We’ve explored two different email marketing tactics with our clients. One is a well-designed template where we plugin in the information monthly and update the graphics. The other is a plain text email that comes on a plain white background and offers a more personal approach. Both concepts work differently for different audiences, but it’s always a good idea to try both to see which one your customers interact with the most. 

    We just recently switched to ConvertKit, which is an email marketing platform that does both! Click here to give it a go. 

    Invest In A Consultant To Lead The Way 

    If marketing is a part of your business that you don’t want to give up, we totally understand (it’s fun isn’t it?!). However, if you’re stuck in a creative rut and would love a little push in the right direction, consulting may be the perfect solution. 

    We just recently came out with a consulting service that offers a variety of different packages based on the amount of help you’re looking for. You can view the different packages here and see what it’s all about! 

    While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for small business marketing Kissimmee, we’re confident we can lead you where you want to be! Click here to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to get your marketing goals kicked off.