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In 2020, premade logo templates seem to be more and more ideal. However, we don’t necessarily recommend them. Here’s why.

Online resources are becoming more practical every day, which means Google has an answer for everything. When looking for a logo for your business, you will come across various logo makers, premade logo templates, or very affordable logo services. You’re probably wondering how you should go about obtaining a new logo, especially if you do not know too much about graphic design. So, this is our take on if you should invest in professional logo services or a premade logo template. 

Creating A One-Of-A-Kind Logo

Premade Logo TemplateAssuring your logo stands out and resonates with your target audience is the key objective when looking for a logo design. A logo’s job is to achieve a distinguishable symbol, wordmark, etc. for your business. Logos are created to visualize your mission. Although these logo makers have various options to choose from, it does not quite compare to creating a design from scratch to represent your vision. You would not want to see another business with the same symbol as you with just a different name and colors. You want to have a one-of-a-kind mark, where consumers can distinguish your business from a mile away. That should be one of the main goals when creating your logo. 


When your logo meets your business goals, your logo can become everlasting. Of course, many companies rebrand or tweak their logos over time, but the idea is that your logo is a huge factor in your brand. Although they rebrand, when a logo is effective, there are only small adjustments done to update the quality versus the idea. Companies like Apple, Nike, Visa and Target have modified their logos for the better. A premade logo might have great quality but is it everlasting? Probably not!

We created these worksheets to help you utilize your blog and social media better. Download our FREE printable Social Media & Blogging Worksheets below: 

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    Using The Right Files

    Understanding the files you should receive for your logo design is extremely important. You do not want to be placed in the predicament where you are needing to change logo colors or having an error at the print shop but were only provided with PNG files. When you send your logo to print at a shop, they will always need a native file or high-quality logo at 300 DPI.  

    Being provided with native files that are editable and not flattened is extremely critical for your business. You want to be able to edit the colors, the object, and ensuring you have the fonts that come included. A premade logo template will probably 9 out of 10 times not include the font names used or a brand guide so you can continue to brand your company. 

    Your logo design should include: native AI files, PNGs (transparent background), JPEGS (white background), White & Black versions in all formats, color versions in all formats, any fonts used (if they are not outlined) and a brand guide. Here’s a freebie to help you understand what your logo’s brand guide should look like! So, premade logos may include the transparent PNG logo but what really matters is being able to edit your logos any time you like.  

    Premade Logo Template

    Premade logo templates provide the quality but not the uniqueness your business needs to target your audience. So, make an everlasting investment for your company and hire a professional logo designer. If you’re in need of a logo design, schedule a 30-minute call and let’s chat!