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Pinterest isn’t utilized for the same reasons consumers use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here’s why people are considering it a search engine and how Pinterest marketing may be the resource your business needs to grow:

When I hear “Pinterest,” I think about finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, scrolling through organizational hacks and discovering inspiration for renovating my back porch. 

Recently, I spent an insane amount of time pinning inspiration for my wedding. One day, I was scrolling along when I found the perfect gift for my bridesmaids. I noticed that a link was attached to the picture and the link lead me to the exact place I could purchase the gift. 

Up until that point I had never purchased anything through Pinterest. I had always lumped Pinterest in with other forms of social media but in reality, Pinterest is a search engine. 

Pinterest users research a wide variety of topics from cars to travel. If your business provides a service or sells a product, it’s very likely that a potential client or consumer could stumble upon it on Pinterest. And because of that, we’re sharing a few Pinterest marketing tips below to drastically increase your website traffic and dedicated consumer following: 

Include Relevant Links That Lead Back To Your Website or Blog

Posting pictures and re-pinning pins won’t be enough to connect you with potential clients. A relevant link is needed on each picture so that the website can be easily accessed. A link can be added in the description and in the source for each pin. Take advantage of both of these opportunities because as the pin is repinned, you want a visible link leading back to your site. 

Pinterest marketing

It’s important to be aware that 80% of pins are re-pins. A re-pin is free advertising for your products/services. 

Also, there is value in having pinnable images on your blog/website. Providing pinnable images on your blog/website will create more convenient opportunities for your potential customer to read your content or find your product/services at a time that is convenient for them.

Source Targeted Pinterest Community Boards

Community boards provide the perfect opportunity to reach other company’s clients. A community board is a place where multiple people can pin and provide content in a certain place. You will want to join a community board that has a similar target market to your ideal customer. 

For example, if you are a local Orlando coffee shop, it would be important for you to be on an “Orlando Foodie” community group. This allows you to reach a larger audience faster and provide an opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses that share your audience. 

Create Strategic Board Titles

Taking SEO into account while naming your boards will allow your pins to be more prominent on Pinterest. Make sure you are using popular titles that aren’t too wordy to draw in your target audience. 

If you feel yourself struggling to shorten your title, use the description box on the board, which will allow you to use more keywords. This will be an easy addition if you are already using SEO on your website. 

It may seem like a good idea to think of witty, creative board titles but this will only confuse potential customers in the long run and not bring them to your site. 

We have experience helping clients utilize Pinterest in their marketing strategy. If you’re interested in implementing Pinterest marketing to help your business grow, contact us today or fill out the form below! We’d be happy to help you reach your target market on this versatile platform!

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