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There are many questions that come with understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’re here to explain what it can do for your business and why you might need an Orlando SEO company to make things happen.

As an Orlando SEO company, we get all sorts of questions on what SEO is, what it does, and why your business might need it. Two words: it WORKS. Based on the success we’ve had at South Street & Co. with SEO, we specialize in earning our clients’ results that convert. It’s become a thriving passion for us to be able to see the difference we’re making in businesses from all different industries strictly from SEO. But what is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is a formula that goes like this: Keywords + Optimization + Google = Results. The more exposure your website gets, the more likely people are to utilize your products or services. However, a lot more research and upkeep go into SEO than the surface may seem. We’re breaking down the formula so you can better understand the benefits of hiring an Orlando SEO company.   

Keywords That Relate

The very first step to SEO is determining which keywords you want your business to be known for. If your business sells paper locally, you’d want a keyword to be “Orlando paper company.” These keywords should relate to your business so when people search them on Google, your website pops up. The goal is to utilize the keywords people are searching most frequently to increase exposure.

Optimization That Attracts

Now that you have your keywords noted, you must implement them into your website to gain traction. This is called optimization. A popular method of optimization is through blogging. As an Orlando SEO company, we write blogs for our clients based around keywords they associate with. We also include keywords throughout the website to increase exposure. In doing this, you’re attracting the users that searched for that specific keyword.

Google That Searches

It’s vital to notify Google of the specific keywords you implemented. We use a resource called Google Search Console, where we have Google “crawl” the URL of the website page or blog with the keyword. This basically tells Google “Hey, remember me when someone searches this term.” This step is important to ensure your website is a contender.

Results That Convert 

Orlando SEO companyThe end goal of SEO is to make your way to page 1 of Google. Ranking on the top page naturally increases exposure and traffic to your website, which increases the likelihood of gaining a new customer! We know we’re doing our job right as an Orlando SEO company when our clients are getting increasingly more business due to organic traffic. The tedious SEO process makes it all worth it when we see results that convert.

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO and what South Street & Co. can do for your business, click here for a free 30-minute consultation with our owner and creative director, Kaitlyn. We’d love to get started in helping your business grow!


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