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Are you tired of going out to local restaurants with your non-vegetarian friends and having to order mushroom ravioli every time? Or asking the waitress what they’d recommend for a vegetarian and them directing you to either something that has seafood or telling you to get a kale salad?

Me too! I have been a vegetarian since January 1st and grew up with my mom being a vegetarian for over 30 years. I want to show you some of the most instagrammable options from non-vegetarian Orlando restaurants!


Restaurant: Chela

Orlando restaurants

Source: Instagram

Order: Casa Corn

I’m a sucker for corn– especially when it’s topped with cheese. So, you best believe I have tried every Mexican street corn in town.

The winner is definitely Chela for two reasons: 1. It’s plated so nicely and not messy to eat, and 2. They made me enjoy a dish that has cilantro in it– which is a huge deal for me.



Restaurant: DOMU

Orlando restaurants

Source: Instagram

Order: Shishito

If I ever run away, just know DOMU is my happy place and you’ll find me there, working on my third order of shishitos peppers (and probably sipping on a wasabi margarita, but that’s for another blog post).

Everything about this dish is amazing. The texture of the shishitos, the mystery of whether the one you just picked up to eat will be spicy or not, the crunch in the quinoa. I mean it, this is probably my favorite order of all times.

Pro tip: Order a side of rice with them so when you’re done with the shishitos, you can dump the sauce with the remainder of your quinoa on the rice and eat away. You’re welcome.


Restaurant: Bartaco

Orlando restaurants

Source: Instagram

Order: Crispy avocado taco

When I went vegetarian, I thought I could never go to Bartaco again for two reasons: my order had always been the duck bowl and I have a hard time being flexible when it comes to getting something else other than “my order.” And I’m not usually a taco person, I know, weird and shocking, but Bartaco has changed me.



Restaurant: Santiago’s Bodega

Orlando restaurants

Source: Enit S., Yelp

Order: Patatas Bravas

When my sister came back from studying abroad in Barcelona, she wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing Patatas Bravas was and how she wished I was there to try them.

There was definitely no need for me to fly all the way to Barcelona since Santiago’s Bodega’s Patatas Bravas tastes just like the ones from Spain! To this day I still think about them every now and then, and still, stop by just to get the famous tapas – along with many other very delicious vegetarian dishes!

Instagram is a great way to share your products (or food!) through a visually-appealing medium. If you’re looking for Orlando restaurants with vegetarian options, the ones listed above are sure to satisfy.

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