Three Life Skills I’ve Added To My Toolbox From Working In An Orlando Marketing Agency

Three Life Skills I’ve Added To My Toolbox From Working In An Orlando Marketing Agency

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Three Life Skills I’ve Added To My Toolbox From Working In An Orlando Marketing Agency

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Each Orlando marketing agency provides a different experience. Here are three life skills I’ve acquired from working at South Street & Co.

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to work at an Orlando marketing agency? While it’s not always easy breezy, it is incredibly rewarding in all aspects of the word. Since starting here in October, I’ve not only grown professionally but also personally. Here are three life lessons that I hadn’t mastered prior to my time here:

1: Time Management

Orlando Marketing AgencyI’m going to be honest with you, I’ve never been considered a timely person. Prior to this job, I’d usually give myself just enough time to get something done with very little room for distractions and mishaps– which always seemed to surface.

That’s why it’s ironic that I chose a degree in a field that runs on deadlines. However, I knew this was a life skill I needed to grasp and working in an Orlando marketing agency has certainly trained me to be much more strategic about the time I spend completing tasks and hitting deadlines.

2: Adaptability

Little did I know, adapting would play a huge role in my day-to-day job at a marketing agency. Not only do I have to adapt to different brand voices when I write blogs for our clients, but I also have to adapt to the various hats I wear as a content creator, SEO specialist and collaborator.

I’ve learned that being adaptable is one of the most useful life skills you can have. My flexibility and eagerness have exposed me to many different agency disciplines that I can add to my running toolbox.

3: Attention To Detail

I quickly learned that being detail-oriented is a must while working in an agency environment. Before this job, I was an unorganized, scattered mess. Important documents would get lost in the abyss of my computer, I’d always forget things I was confident I’d remember and I’d skim through information just to be left confused.

Let me just tell you that landing a job at this Orlando marketing agency has completely transformed me into a responsible, focused young woman. I now have clients that are counting on me to provide them with quality content that aligns with their brand. If I didn’t approach every task with attention to detail, I’d end up with more work in the long run.

If you’re looking for an Orlando marketing agency to work with, our team of creatives are ready to put our skills to the test. Contact us today so we can get started!

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