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You just began, or are expanding, your business and aren’t sure how Orlando digital marketing could be important to you. Allow me to explain its importance in shopper terms, not professional terms.

Everyone shops online, even those who hate computers still use them to shop online! If you are selling a service, such as catering, or a product, such as shoes, you need to be utilizing Orlando digital marketing. And the first thing you will need is a website! How can I purchase your product or service if I cannot find you online?

Orlando Digital Marketing

For example, I am planning my daughter’s wedding and I want a small, intimate local venue. I DO NOT have time to drive all around Orlando searching for the right venue, and since I am new to Orlando, I do not know of many places. So what do I do? Search the web! A website is key to getting your product or service out into the world as we know it.

Do you have a personal Facebook page? I do, and as I scroll around viewing posts and look at all the advertisements that pop up- that is digital marketing! That is what you need. The ads pop up are based on the user’s demographics. The user sees it, is tempted by it and searches your site. That is where Orlando digital marketing can help your business.

Let’s go back to my searching for a venue for a second. If I start looking for venues on my computer, venue ads will begin to appear on my facebook page. That could be your venue! If your pop-up is a good, unique one, it’ll surely draw customers to your website!

Now if you’re like me when conducting a search, you look at the first page of the websites that emerged from the search– this is the most common practice.  If your company is not at the top, or at least on the first page, of the search results, chances are it won’t be seen! Using a local SEO will bring you better results and more customers.

Orlando Digital MarketingAnother way to market digitally is on Instagram. I have a personal Instagram, and there are so many people looking for suggestions on cooking ideas, decorating, pet care and yes, wedding venue sites and how to decorate that site! People will follow your page looking for answers. An engaging video, blog or Instagram page could effectively reach your clients, and therefore, gain more clients!

If your business does not have Instagram, you might be missing out on market share, however, not every business needs an Instagram.

So like me friends, it is time to move into the 21st century and get moving on that Orlando digital marketing to help your business grow! At South Street & Co. we specialize in social media marketing, website design, SEO, blogging and more!