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Does your business rely on long-form social media posts and you want to keep users engaged on Instagram? Here are four content tips from the experts in this field, us!

Social media is constantly evolving and even working at an Orlando digital marketing agency, I can understand how it can be hard to keep up sometimes! Each channel has its own unique features, new updates, and best practices for users and businesses. When it comes to Instagram, it can be tricky to share long pieces of content when it’s a visual-based platform.

In addition to sales pitches, being an educational resource for your targeted audience is also valuable. By becoming an authority on your persona’s common questions and concerns, your company establishes credibility as experts on the topic. In the interim, brand awareness increases and drives more traffic to your Instagram through this inbound marketing approach.

Here is some advice I learned about cutting down content without sacrificing key points, preventing boring posts, and making it IG-friendly. Remember, you don’t have to take on Instagram for business alone! You can talk to an Orlando digital marketing agency who specializes in social media management– let’s get started!

Bullet Point Lists

Bullet point lists are a practical and easy go-to when sharing long pieces of key information to Instagram. It helps break down information simply. Create one bullet point for each point of emphasis you want to share. If you aren’t Instagram Reels savvy, try this Orlando digital marketing tip below.

Orlando digital marketing agency


IG Tip: Use one carousel image graphic for each key point. Don’t exceed more than eight points to allow room for one title and one call-to-action (CTA) graphic in the first and last slots. Instagram limits 10 total carousel images within one post.

New to Instagram carousel posts? Use our free call-to-action prompts for social media to help get you started on carousel image CTAs.

Use Emojis

Instagram is a social media platform that’s visually focused, so ensure your bullet points can be visualized as well! Add at least one relevant emoji at the end of each bullet point to summarize key points. This will help viewers digest the information easier through emojis. 😃

Hashtag Research 

Reach a wider range of your targeted audience by hashtagging keywords within their common concerns and questions. Research the medium to highly trafficked keywords specific to your industry. Simply add a “#” within your Instagram caption and start with a trial/error of different targeted keyword variations.

From there, you’ll see a dropdown menu of trending hashtags with the amount of Instagram posts including that specific hashtag. If it’s less than 50 to 100 posts (other than self-branded hashtags), it’s best practice to optimize with higher performing trending topics so your content has a higher chance of being found. There are also SEO keyword research tools available which automate and provide deeper insights to this process such as Iconosquare, Moz and Google Search Console.

For example, our business is an Orlando digital marketing agency and we try different keyword variations of the phrase “Orlando small business marketing”. We research relevant hashtags to help optimize our Instagram posts for our targeted audiences and to increase overall engagement.

Here are some examples of hashtags we use:

  • #SocialMediaHelp
  • #GrowYourBiz
  • #FloridaBusiness
  • #OrlandoSocialMedia
  • #SEOHelp

Make sure to review your Instagram’s Insights to measure how your posts perform and make adjustments in your strategy from there.

Here’s a guide on how hashtags work and how to help your audience find your content from an Orlando digital marketing agency.

Add a Relevant Call-to-Action

Instagram is the short-form version of the long-form content you’re referencing. Whether it’s a blog or Contact Us page, remember to link your viewers back to your website’s respective pages via Instagram bio – commonly known as, “link in bio.” It helps drive users to your website and guide your personas along their buyer’s journey simultaneously. This is done by providing resources your consumers are searching for while becoming aware of your company’s services at the same time. Although you’re sharing tips, you still want to bring in more leads via Instagram!

Are you new to Instagram and need help getting started? Here’s a beginner’s guide to creating content like a marketing pro. 

How to Start Creating Content that Connects 

Transforming your Instagram into user-friendly content is a comprehensive process. From designing visuals, targeting keywords, to researching hashtags, it takes a pro digital marketing team to fully execute these strategic tasks successfully. Just take it from one of our 90+ Google Reviews:

“I highly recommend South Street & Company for your small business marketing needs. Kaitlyn Study is a gem with sweet energy, very professional, and knowledgeable in navigating through the various social media platforms. Albeit a short contract, Kaitlyn assisted me with creating my business Instagram page, along with setting “realistic” goals. I love that the company is women-led and works remotely. The monthly newsletters that include freebie downloads and toolkits are a nice touch.  As I change how I work and move through the world, these resources will come in handy.  I look forward to working with Kaitlyn on my next project!” – Lisa Novak

Are you a business owner and need help revamping your Instagram? Does your Central Florida company need assistance with social media management in general? Contact us to see how our Orlando digital marketing services can help.