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Everyone loves the feeling of being warm and toasty, drinking a hot beverage and watching your favorite movie (even in Florida!). What better way to enjoy that feeling than with National Toast Day?

Toast is a breakfast necessity that should not be overlooked. The variety of toast and the versatility of toppings must be celebrated! And we’re doing just that! These are our top 5 places to celebrate National Toast Day around Orlando on Friday, February 23, so you can honor the day of this golden-brown delight!

First Stop:

Farm & Haus is a family owned business that strives to serve nutritious food that is also delicious. Their local and seasonal ingredients help create dishes that are more than just tasty.

The avocado toast is like no other, the sourdough bread is delicately topped off with not just avocado, but also shaved radish, tomato, pickled red onion and cilantro. If you’re looking for non-vegan options, you can choose to add an egg or even chorizo. Be sure to visit their “Haus” at East End Market sometime soon!


National Toast Day

Photo Courtesy: Farm & Haus

Second Stop:

Artisan’s Table is a creative kitchen and bar that creates flavorful combinations. Their use of global influences is what leaves you craving all of their wonderful creations.

Perhaps, the creation that has won the heart of many is the PB&J Stuffed French Toast. You read right, toast stuffed with arguably one of the most loved flavor pairings, ever. This popular piece of toast is made with brioche bread, a peanut butter filling and then topped off with a jelly syrup and peanuts. The savory combination is sure to make your stomach do back flips over how delicious it is!

National Toast Day

Photo Courtesy: Artisan’s Table

Third Stop:

Buttermilk Bakery is a local family-owned bakery + café, located in Winter Park. Everything is made in the bakery and they focus on using local and seasonal ingredients. The true must-have is their ricotta toast.

The ricotta is made in-house. Raw honey is then drizzled over Italian cheese. This toast is topped off with Florida-grown strawberries. Give them a try and tell us that doesn’t taste delish!

National Toast Day

Photo Courtesy: Buttermilk Bakery

Fourth Stop:

KRUNGTHEP Tea Time is a Thai-twist sandwich and tea bar that brings you the exotic taste of Thailand directly to Winter Park.  

In addition to serving sandwiches and tea, they also happen to specialize in toast. They serve plain toast with your choice of jam, however, the toast that is SURE to win your heart over is their “Brick Toast,” which are their dessert options.

The Ferrero Choco is a must for all chocolate lovers. This sweet treat contains Ferrero, crushed peanut, chocolate fudge, brownie gelato and drizzled with chocolate syrup. This is one of the many dessert toast options that you need to try. After eating any Brick Toast, you will feel like your floating among the clouds in candy land!

National Toast Day

Photo Courtesy: Krungthep Tea Time

Last Stop:

CFS Coffee is a tradition, inspired by Colombian pride. When you visit, be prepared to indulge in an experience surrounded by the many tastes of Colombia. Although they may be most recognized for their cakes and pastries, they offer various versions of toast.

Take for example their cream cheese berries toast. A piece of golden, toasted multigrain bread with cream cheese topped with chia seeds, granola, blueberries, and strawberries. Now, doesn’t sound like a trip to paradise… or a trip to Colombia?

National Toast Day

Photo Courtesy: CFS Coffee

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Written by: Viveke Bejar

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