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Imagine that it’s Sunday. After loading up on a starchy, yet delicious brunch, you decide to graze the local shops to help walk off some of the calories. It’s there you see it. A quaint little shop pulling at your heartstrings. It’s because of their use of color, styling and attention to detail — their branding is pulling you in.

I have had my eye on a few local businesses whom I think are absolutely killing the game when it comes to Orlando branding — here they are:

Foxtail Coffee Co. is responsible for sourcing some of the finest coffees from around the world. They started in our backyard of Winter Park, FL. Their brand color palette is simplistic with the juxtaposition of white and black, but it is also grounding with the elements of wood. The logo also reflects a juxtaposition by having two foxtails in what resembles a ying-yang sign and a coffee bean! What also sets Foxtail apart, is that the company upholds its ethical and quality standards by being selective when it comes to working with environmentally-friendly farms. When I walk away from Foxtail, I feel like I gave myself a little treat because my experience is always a good one. 

Orlando branding

Photo Courtesy // @foxtailcoffeeco

Gypset Collective is the brainchild of Sam and her husband while they were on their honeymoon in Nicaragua. The beach was being filled with gorgeous gems that they brought back to Orlando. Once home, they polished and drilled the stones to make into jewelry. This year, Sam finished the renovation of an old Shasta trailer and turned it into a traveling boutique giving new meaning to her boho name. The trailer’s exterior is jet black but on the inside,Flax + Wool Designs painted the interior with their signature floral pattern. The inside is white, clean and extremely aesthetically pleasing. Gypset Co. has nailed a lot of the branding elements from who they are, the color palette, typography and social media content. With only almost a year under their belt, it will be awesome to watch them continue to grow. 

Orlando branding

Photo Courtesy // @gypsetco

Find Your Fiber is a macrame maven who honestly has one of the best branding elements completely down, herself. I follow along with her Instagram Stories because she’s 100% real. Her insecurities and quirkiness make her beyond relatable. Her Instagram feed is also very visually pleasing. She shares a balance of work, personal life and lifestyle. She also has a knack for imagery, styling and again, her voice is the strongest of them all. If this rope slinging Mama of two isn’t on your radar, definitely check her out. She even has classes to teach you how to macrame! 

Orlando branding

Photo Courtesy // @findyourfiber

Rifle Paper Co. is a must-have when it comes to branding. I was first introduced to Rifle when I was still living in California. I stumbled on them while in Anthropologie, not knowing they were from Winter Park. Which is where my parents are both from! Being a stationery and lifestyle brand, they have mastered branding elements such as, media content, imagery, brand statement and who they are. They know who their target audience is, and they market to them flawlessly. 

Orlando branding

Photo Courtesy // @riflepaperco

Porch Therapy was inspired by owner, Jennifer’s time spent in Charleston and Asheville, South Carolina. Which played a huge role when creating her aesthetic. She learned to make molds for fountains and garden containers while in Charleston and like they say, the rest is history. Porch Therapy is responsible for helping to create the tone for many Orlando businesses, like Black Bean Deli, New General, ours and their home at the East End Market. Their use of imagery has me leaping at the chance to surround myself with plants so I can mimic their Instagram.

Orlando branding

Photo Courtesy // @porchtherapy

When it comes to Orlando branding, we have many businesses who are leaving quite a mark. As The City Beautiful continues to grow, so will the local businesses that we know and love.

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