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Learning concepts and implementing them are two entirely different, yet exciting things. I got the chance to apply what I’ve learned through schooling in a professional setting this summer during my internship with South Street & Co. The following is my first month in a nutshell!

Local Listings for SEO

One of the very first things I tackled when starting this internship was helping to claim local listings. I was tasked to help claim a few listings for clients. Soon enough, I figured out this was an SEO tactic to better reach locals.

As a consumer or customer, you tend to not think about the work that’s done behind the scenes for a business to pop up so easily when you’re on the web searching for something. Now that I’ve been on the other side of things, I’ve learned much more about this great way for businesses to gain exposure and dominate in local search.

Flat Lay Photography

One thing they can’t teach you in school is how to be creative. Luckily, having this internship has given me the opportunity to find inspiration and run with ideas to explore my creativity. One area I’ve done this in is flat lay photography. I was tasked to create some images for South Street & Co. in this style.

After the girls were kind enough to show me things I could use and how to set up the studio light for perfect lighting, I used a picture I found to inspire me and started arranging things on the table until I thought I could get a great shot from it. Not only did I learn how to get a proper setup for this type of photography, but I had so much fun creating the work and discovered something I’m good at.


This might be a no-brainer to some people, but responsibility is definitely something I’ve fully grasped since starting this internship. I’ve always been a very competent person so I was fully prepared to take on the responsibility of, essentially, having a job.

Something a lot of college students don’t realize in the comfort of living the university life is that in the real world, you can’t just sleep in and text a friend for what you missed– like we have the luxury of doing for a lecture. You are needed and expected to carry your load of work every day; missing, or slacking, isn’t an option.

Also, while the girls here can hold me accountable for something I’m tasked to do in the day, some things are due at a later date and no one’s going to be looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re working on it.

I’ve only been an intern for a month and I’ve learned a lot; I can only imagine what will come with two more months! If you’re interested in a career in marketing and want to explore more of it in a professional setting, I highly recommend an internship with South Street & Co. Especially if this is your very first internship, like me, it’s a great opportunity to start with. If you need no convincing, apply to be an intern next semester at