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When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of different options you can go with… especially when you’re in an area like Mount Dora. Here’s how to own your Mount Dora marketing in three simple steps.

We have a couple clients out in Mount Dora, and guess what? Their marketing is very different than the marketing we see here in Orlando. This is very important for you to think about too when you’re marketing for a specific area or region. Not everything can directly translate. Here are a couple examples.

Think Differently, By Only When You Analyze Your Audience

The client that we have in Mount Dora is a podiatrist. We help her with her social media, website upkeep and design work. Not only this, but we help her with advertisements in local papers and placement in local sports facilities. We’ve designed ads for schools, football games and even seats that people purchase at games.

As mentioned above, the Mount Dora marketing plan is very different than that we would do at another area near Orlando. However, her daughter is actively involved in sports activities and she wants to show the smaller community that she cares through different local organizations.

Ads Can Be Good But Especially When Paired With A Campaign

A great example of this is the church bulletin that we’re creating for the podiatrist. She’s in there and on a soccer field, however, we’re actively posting on social media and doing some SEO too. When people think about purchasing or going to someone for their needs they need to see it over and over in order to make a buying decision. This is where your entire marketing campaign comes into play. As the title states, for your Mount Dora marketing, if you decide to run ads in publications or support local sports clubs, an online campaign will pair well so people see you online and “in the real world!”

Ads Do Work

Mount Dora is the perfect small community to implement ads in their local newspapers and publications. With anything regarding you Mount Dora marketingĀ or marketing in general, you need to realize that you need some time to allow it to work. For example, with SEO, you need to have updated content consistently, you should have a keyword strategy and plan and you should be pairing it with social media.

Ads on social media do a great job at targeting your ideal audience too. With these ads, you can also target people who have been on your website to visit specific pages. Then, once they’ve left, you can target them for that specific need on other partner websites. This is called retargeting or remarketing. One of our latest blogs shares how to boost your Facebook posts in two simple steps. This is an entry-level explanation of getting started with Facebook ads.

As with anything, you need to make sure you know who your target audience is and who your target market is. Ads in publications and mail marketing could be the way that your target market should be reached. Each market is different and should be studied and analyzed before rolling out your Mount Dora marketing campaign.

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