How To Boost Your Facebook Posts In Two Steps

How To Boost Your Facebook Posts In Two Steps

Orlando Facebook marketing

How To Boost Your Facebook Posts In Two Steps

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In my last blog post, I talked about tips for creating an Orlando business Facebook page (which you can read here.) The last tip I gave was to boost your Facebook posts to increase the reach on them, as well as your page as a whole. Now I’ve got a simple 2 step process on how to boost your Facebook posts in less than ten minutes a week!

Step 1 to Boost Your Facebook Posts: Create (or find) the perfect post to boost

When I say you can create OR find a post to boost I mean that you don’t have to come up with new material to do this. You can use existing posts on your timeline to boost!

A good post to boost is one that includes a high-quality image that relates to what the post is talking about. Make sure not to include a photo with too much text or facebook won’t approve it. Add a call to action that includes a link to your website or your phone number for consumers to easily reach you, and text that entices the reader to view your facebook page (and ‘like’ it!).

Orlando Facebook marketing

Step 2 to Boost Your Facebook Posts: Click “boost post”

When you’re viewing your Facebook business page, underneath each post is a blue button that says “Boost post” – click this!

Here you are able to choose a target audience that Facebook will blast the post to based on location, age, interests on Facebook, and even who to exclude from viewing. This includes people who already like your page, this is a great way to ensure people who don’t already follow you and look at your posts are able to see them. Set a budget at how much you want to spend on your posts, make sure you have a credit card on file, and click submit! Facebook will take some time to review the post and make sure it agrees with their policies and they will notify you when it has been approved!

Orlando Facebook marketing

Boosting your posts on Facebook is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to increase the amount of interaction on your page. When you start consistently boosting posts you’ll see a steady increase in the amount of likes your page is getting as well as the amount of likes your posts are receiving. I dedicate time once a week to boost Facebook posts and once you get the hang of it you can boost your posts in less than ten minutes a week!

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