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After leaving the military and approaching the end of college, I felt like I was back where I started because employers want experience in the career I want to pursue. Regardless of the situation, I learned that life goes on with or without you.

What you CAN do is adapt, seek self-improvement, and gain the experience needed by any means necessary. This is where internships come into play. As a veteran, I’ll share what I learned during my internship at South Street & Co. that has helped me transition from the military and college into a rewarding career.


I chose a marketing internship for several reasons. For one, I’ve made it this far in life through creativity. I taught myself to sketch at the young age of three. Due to our financial circumstances growing up, I had to learn about art on my own.

Thanks to the internet, I was able to improve my skill set and create art in different styles. As college graduation approached, like everyone else, I began to explore my career options based on my major (Business Management) and natural talents.

In my journey, I discovered that marketing is the creative side of business, and I began to explore how my creativity can fit into this fantastic field. One of my daily tasks is to create visual content. Creating infographics, social media posts for clients, and interactive Instagram stories were my favorite tasks that I truly enjoyed doing. As I explore careers, finding a job I genuinely like is my top priority.

Audience Engagement

Marketing internshipOne of my daily tasks was to come up with content for multiple social media accounts. The goal for the content was to increase engagement with the audience and gain more followers. When I first started my marketing internship, my content was based on what I believed followers would like. After noticing the low performance, I remembered one of the basics of business– which is to analyze what has and has not worked in the past and use the analytics to improve.

Immediately, I began to see the increase of engagement from social media accounts. Understanding audience engagement is a valuable skill to have in and outside of marketing. In any line of work, you will be faced with the challenge of engaging with an audience, whether it be with an interview panel, business executives, customers, or anyone you are trying to persuade. It is important to research and understand your audience, know what has worked in the past, and use the data to plan how to connect with them effectively to get the desired results.


If we go back to the beginning of time, adaptability is a crucial survival instinct that has allowed humanity to thrive and be where we are today.

In the military, adapting to change was almost a daily routine. As a marketing intern, I learned that being able to adapt is also the key to being successful in this field. As time goes on, new technology will emerge and your ability to adapt will determine how far you will go.

If you’re always willing to learn something new, you will succeed in marketing. Adaptability requires a high level of creativity. Learn from mistakes, think outside the box to evolve and be able to engage with diverse audiences are definitely the skills that I was able to sharpen to prepare for a new career after leaving the military and graduating college.

If you’re looking for a fascinating career in marketing, I highly recommend an internship with South Street & Co. Here, you can learn many valuable skills such as SEO, social media, and all the digital marketing works. So, be on the lookout for openings as your last day of school approaches.

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