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Does your content stand the test of time? If it is evergreen, it will. Here are a few tips to create a unique, evergreen content strategy.

Evergreen trees not only smell amazing and fresh (at least in my opinion!), but they are also a symbol of perpetual life that’s sustainable and lasting. 

This is where the style of evergreen content derived. Just how evergreen trees retain their leaves without shedding throughout the season, so does evergreen content. 

Evergreen content strategyCreating evergreen content means drafting relevant and fresh copy past its publication date for your readers; plus, it’ll boost your SEO value because people keep searching the keyword past trending times.

Commonly formatted evergreen content are lists, tips, how-tos (like this one), reviews and videos. 

That’s not to say that just because you structure your content to follow these formats, it’s automatically evergreen. Evergreen content is devoid of news, statistics, holiday or seasonal topics, and pop-cultural and trendy topics – all of which are fleeting as each day passes. 

Creating a unique, evergreen content strategy is a creative cocktail of sustainable content and popular, ranking keywords. The following are a few simple tips to help jumpstart your evergreen content strategy.

Tip #1 Whittle down your topic

Conducting keyword research is a great starting point for generating evergreen content that ranks, just remember to get specific. Don’t write broadly about a topic – try your best to whittle down your topic to answer or inform about a specific concept. 

Tip #2 Remember who you’re writing for

Keep in mind that your audience is likely someone learning about the topic you’re writing about, so write for them not for the experts. This means avoiding technical jargon. Click here to read our blog on why your marketing efforts may be going down the drain if you aren’t appealing to your target audience! 

Tip #3 Repurpose it for continual growth

Don’t forget to repurpose your content. You can easily do this by sharing snippets on social media, creating video clips of it, sharing it in emails, etc. Evergreen content is really great for sharing over and over again–it’s the content gift that keeps on giving. 

With an evergreen content strategy, you’ll be able to create long-lasting expertise that goes beyond a publishing date. 


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    A few more helpful hints to keep in mind for evergreen content is to experiment with different forms of content to see what engages your audience most and to go through older evergreen content and consider updating some of the text with new information. And, don’t forget to make sure your grammar is on par since you’re positioning yourself as an expert when you write! Grammarly is a fabulous tool we use to help us with this. Click here to see how it can help you too. 

    PS: if you’re new to blogging, be sure to download our free Blogging for Beginners checklist here. 

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