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Each holiday is an opportunity to reach a new audience and draw in new customers. Here are 3 guidelines for your holiday social media marketing.

When is it appropriate to post holiday-related material?

The holidays are certainly the jolliest time of year. Putting up decorations, dinner with family or friends, and eggnog for days, what is there not to love? The holidays seem to bring out the best in people. However, posting holiday related material too early or continuing the posts weeks after a holiday has passed can be a hit or miss for your holiday social media marketing. Last December, we took the initiative in posting a holiday post-December 5th. Fortunately for us, it was highly favored by our followers on Instagram.  

South Street & Co's December 5th IG Post

By preparing your holiday social media marketing early, your business can set the standard for that holiday season, however, you need to do it strategically. Holiday social media marketing is about being creative and stepping outside the box. Break down the barriers of the imaginary box and take initiative this holiday season!

During which holiday’s should you post?

If it’s October 31 (i.e. Halloween), you may want to hold off on New Year’s Eve post. Creating a concise social media marketing strategy for each holiday will alleviate the confusion of consumers misinterpreting the content of your post. (And, don’t forget the coupons or deals!) For instance, our post on December 25, 2016 may have been misleading to our followers if we posted it on May 22, 2016.

South Street & Co's December 25th IG post

Also, be respectful of the beliefs your audience may hold. In deciding which holidays your small business will market during, try to keep the content of your post neutral and unoffensive to the preferences of your many consumers.

How many holiday-themed posts are acceptable?

Spread a little holiday cheer every chance you get! From Christmas to Groundhog Day, look at each holiday as an opportunity to reach a new audience! Everyone is different and therefore, the holidays they celebrate will be as well.

We even recently posted about National Chocolate Day and before that, National Coffee Day… One we ALL celebrated! But, if we were a chocolate shop or a coffee shop it would have been advantageous for us to prepare early for promotions for that particular day. As an example, if we where either a chocolate shop or a coffee shop maybe we would have offered 50% off your purchase with a tag on Instagram or Facebook. Or a promo for bringing a friend. Both of these ideas get people in the door and helps share your business with people who may not have seen it online!

By posting relevant social media content on each holiday, you increase the opportunity to broaden your following. We posted these images days apart and received 46 more likes on the New Year’s Eve post! Cool right?

South Street & Co's December 31 IG Post

Don’t limit the reach of your business! The bigger your audience, the better chance you have of converting spectators of your posts into clients or customers. Hit the ball out of the park this holiday season with original and relevant holiday social media marketing about your business!

How is your company preparing for the holiday season? If you’d like more social media marketing tips, click here to contact us!

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