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Do you know the best ways to interact with customers online? Here are my tips when it comes to interacting with your customers on social media for your Winter Garden small business.

It’s important to stay consistent when posting on your social media accounts. But how often do you take the time to respond to your Winter Garden small business customers and talk to them? Social media will not only help build relationships with your customers but, as a business owner, you can learn about what your customers want as well as their needs.

Use Hashtags, Location, and Tagged Posts

Look through your Winter Garden small business social media accounts to see what customers are posting about you! You can do this by looking up the name of your business on hashtags if you’re on Instagram. Always check what you are being tagged in on all you social media accounts to ensure it’s the best possible. You can also see what people are posting when they check in to the location or tag the location of your business on Facebook. Checking these on at least once a week for new business or a couple days per week for more established businesses will keep your customer interaction updated.

4 Customer Interaction Tips for Your Winter Garden Small Business

Repost Their Post

This is a given! You should always share your customer’s testimonials, and the easiest way is by sharing what they post about your product or service. By sharing their picture, you are marketing your small business while also making you customer feel special, and getting more content to post at the same time. Make sure to stay on top of checking if your business is tagged in any post or pictures to repost instantly!

Comment, Reply and Ask Questions

It’s always nice to start a conversation with your customer as if they were there with you in person. Part of interacting with your customers is asking them questions, their opinions, or simply replying to their comments. We personally make an effort to interact with our followers on our social media accounts and always make the time to get to know our followers.

4 Customer Interaction Tips for Your Winter Garden Small Business

Criticism is Okay

You can’t make everyone happy. Don’t risk your brand image by responding to hate comments in a negative way. Try to find the bright side of their comment or post and simply reply. You want to show them that you saw the post and have learned from it or are looking to find a solution. The best thing to do with any review is to respond. Never leave a negative review unresponded.

Stay consistent and follow these tips to get the best out of your Winter Garden small business interaction on social media. If you need more help with your small business marketing, click here to book your complimentary consult with us!

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