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As a graphic designer, I can say from experience and a little bit of bias that Dr. Phillips small business social media design would thrive off of the use of graphics and design online.

Photos are great and definitely should be the cornerstone of your Instagram. But while photos of your business, products and or services and people are performing as the main act, you always need your supporting actors to make it a real story.

Once you have established your brand and goals, you must figure out how you’re going to use your social media to communicate your goals to your demographic. You and your business have a visual story to tell and it’s crucial to figure out what that is and what you want to share.

Dr. Phillips Small Business social media design

Dr. Phillips small business social media design can serve many purposes. It can help drive traffic to your site in hopes to get more business or it can simply engage your demographic to create that relationship. It could also be purely to humanize your company and entertain. Those are three of the typical ways people use their social media but you can ultimately make whatever purpose you see fit as long as you stick to it and stay consistent.

Here are just a few things to ask yourself before giving your graphic designer the task of making the next post on your social pages.

Who is your audience and how do they receive information?

This is important to know because not every age or gender likes to interact with content in the same way. Know your audience! Once you figure this out, you can move on to the next step.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and step out of your comfort zone. Get weird.

This doesn’t mean offend your patrons or step so far out they can’t relate to your brand anymore. It just means to try new trends, make new trends, and provoke thought. This isn’t easy but you should push the envelope sometimes. You can try things like contests and infographics which do really well on Pinterest.

Dr. Phillips Small Business social media design

Find any reason to celebrate! 

There is almost always something going on you can try and participate. Plenty of content around you that you can pull from. There’s always a National-Day-Of-Something to celebrate and there’s always something to highlight for the week.

Stay On Brand

Don’t stray from your fonts and colors and if you do, do it for rare and purposeful reasons.

The bottom line is, have fun with your Dr. Phillips small business social media design. Don’t take yourself too seriously and be consistent and purposeful. If you decide to change something up and break your consistency, make sure it’s beneficial and deliberate and always test it before rolling it out more than once!

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