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Social media and the Millennial generation have collaborated to establish a new form of marketing– and they’re called digital influencers. An influencer can add face value to a brand and reach a target audience on a more personal level.

What is a digital influencer and how did they become a wildly popular digital revolution? Influencers are essentially content creators who have built a social following based on similar interests and passions. 

Over time, they’ve established a credible group of people who are influenced by their decisions and creations. Brands quickly caught onto their power and started to work with these digital influencers for a chance to reach their audience in a more relatable way. 

Their contribution to the marketing world is undeniable. But, where are they now and has their impact shifted? 

The Authenticity Factor

It was said that some of the influencer community was focused more on sponsorships and less on partnerships that aligned with their personal brand. Because of this, influencers are becoming more focused on being themselves and providing a fresh perspective on Instagram stories of their everyday life. 

It’s become more important now than ever for consumers to be able to see genuine, authentic content on social media, rather than perfect lives and sponsored posts. 

Maintaining A Close Relationship with their Audience

Digital Influencers

For most influencers, their audience comes first– period. The audience is the reason influencers are able to create content for a living. 

For most viewers, it almost gets to the point where they feel like your friend. When an influencer is posting about real life hardships and experiences, it forms an emotional connection that their followers can relate to. This emotional connection builds the trust that brands are looking for.

Working With Brands They Trust

Digital influencers are beginning to only work with brands they like and can trust. It’s refreshing when influencers turn down partnerships and money because they won’t work with brands they don’t believe in and want to remain true to themselves. This aspect of the job lets brands know that they’re serious and they hold themselves to a high standard. 

The evolution of digital influencers has changed the way brands can market to audiences. These influencers are beneficial to companies who have the following and same target audience. 

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