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It’s officially Valentine’s Day, or as some people say, Galantine’s Day (for the ladies). That means that there will be a flood of red and pink and flowers. But, your brand can find true love too. Here’s how.

Everyone knows about the cover photos on your social media sites. Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook all have them. The big question is, though, what do you do with them?

I was recently at a FemCity event and we had a speaker who spoke about the importance of branding. I was excited to hear her presentation because I know if I get one piece of great information from a talk or meeting with someone, it was 100% worth it, and in this case (and most cases) I did.

The speaker was a branding expert and she spoke about the importance of having the right brand and having a brand that is consistent. (We talk about this A LOT, especially here.) But she also said something that grabbed my attention. She said a cover photo is the opportunity to showcase something no one knows about your brand. Whaaaat!? When I heard this I started thinking… you could use this for so much and I started coming up with ideas. Here are some of them:

  • Showcase a new product
  • Announce a sale
  • Highlight feedback
  • Share an event
  • Get creative

Once I heard this I knew what I needed to do. I needed to share the event that we were doing for our upcoming birthday (TWO years!!) I had already created the flyer to pass out/ post online, but it never crossed my mind that I could share that and basically announce it on my social media profiles while keeping it stationary. Here are a couple screenshots of what I did across all of my social media profiles:


How Your Cover Photos Can Bring True Love To Your Brand


How Your Cover Photos Can Bring True Love To Your Brand


How Your Cover Photos Can Bring True Love To Your Brand

It’s important to see a couple things:

  1. The cover photos are all the same branding. You don’t see any red or green thrown in there. It’s all consistent and it’s the same image. It also portrays the same image and verbiage keeping the font and colors the same
  2. It’s is the same message. On LinkedIn, it was a little hard to fit all the info across the top. You can also see the ad on the top too, which detracts from the message, but overall the image is the same.


It’s also important to understand the sizing options of all of the cover photos for each social media site. Here they are:

  1. Facebook: 851 x 315
  2. Twitter: 1263 x 421
  3. LinkedIn: 974 x 300
  4. Google+: 1080 x 608

Create Them

There are a couple of sites that we use to create these cover photos. One is Canva and the other is Photoshop. If you use Canva, you don’t need the sizings above, you can simply click on their sizing options and create your cover photo there.

Keep the power of a cover photo in mind for the next time you have a great event or promotion coming up. It shouldn’t be thought of just as extra space, it should be utilized and taken advantage of!

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