Branding, Brand Identity, & Logos: Oh My!

Branding, Brand Identity, & Logos: Oh My!

Branding, Brand Identity, & Logos: Oh My!

Branding, Brand Identity, & Logos: Oh My!

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How do you want your business to be remembered? It’s important to understand the valuable impact you leave on your customers and how they see you. Launching your own small business can seem intimidating but knowing how to set your brand apart through your brand’s identity and logo will put you on the path to success.


Branding is how your business is portrayed to an audience. This can include how your company functions or how you describe it to others. Scott Cook, co-founder of Intuit, clearly explains, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Branding is the big picture for a small business and a strong brand leaves people wanting more. It perfectly describes what your company is trying to get across. For instance, when thinking of South Street & Co., you may think of: social media, blogs, and coffee.

Brand Identity

A company’s brand identity is the intangible attributes such as patterns, colors, and designs which attracts consumers to your business. It’s similar to your own identity and gives you a way to set yourself apart from every other small business.

Knowing who you are as a brand is the first step. Then it’s time to build the identity that will give your brand life.

Some of the building blocks necessary to create your brand identity are deciding what color palette your company will use, typography, and even the form or shape of your design, logo or otherwise. A solid foundation with these three assets will give you a leg up with your small business.


Your logo is crucial to your brand and whether or not it’s appealing will determine if it’s memorable to others. A logo needs to clearly communicate what your company is trying to achieve.

Brand Identity

Every well-known business has a logo with a lasting impression. Our goal is to make it a good first impression on your consumers. Your logo must draw people in and get them to want to learn more about what you’re selling. This determines what you stand for as a small business.

Each company wants to portray the right image to their consumers. Knowing how to juggle your brand, brand identity, and logo will greatly benefit your own business. Remember, it is your customers who decide how your brand is portrayed.

Here at South Street & Co., we can help you with your brand identity and set you in the right direction.


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