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As a local business helping small business owners grow their reach, we’re all for brand collaborations. Cross-promotion creates a sense of community support, making the business exposure a mutual win.

Think about the last time you attended a local event. You may have noticed promotions on Facebook or in your inbox with some enticing information leading up to the event. The announcements may have tagged guest speakers, thanked the venue host or given a shout-out to the local caterer. These are all simple marketing tactics for brand collaborations.

It’s easy for you to partner with local businesses to expand your reach and target new audiences. Here’s how:

Brand Collaborations Promote Partnership

Think back to what motivated you to start your business. Did you want to solve customer concerns with your custom solution? Provide an answer that didn’t exist in the community? Or create a unique service that works for a variety of customers?

Whatever your reason may be, we know how important business partnerships are. From funding a business to advertising services, we all benefit from these authentic relationships. Every business has competition, but not every business focuses on partnership. Working together demonstrates our knowledge and care in the community, leading to customer referrals and future business.

Attract New Audiences

Partnering with other businesses may also expand your audience reach. Hosting an event or requesting services gives you the opportunity to A) post about the business you worked with on your social media platforms and website, and B) receive a shout-out from that business on their platforms. A new audience is especially beneficial if you’re a startup company with minimal reach at the moment, looking to cement your trust in the community. 

A company with a large email list or thousands of followers might give you the exposure to reach a larger audience than your current customer base as you grow and expand.

Brand collaborationsAs an example, local business Just Blow It Blow Dry Bar & Boutique partnered with Special Treats by Tanya the past two years for their Babes in Business event, celebrating women who own their own business or rock it as their side hustle. This partnership gave attendees homemade sweet treats to enjoy at the event while also giving Tanya the opportunity to advertise her business to a new audience.

Opportunities like this allows attendees to learn more about a company’s services in a natural way and build a relationship in person.

Create Opportunities for Future Partnerships

Successful brand collaborations may open the door to other opportunities for your business, such as repeat partnerships or event sponsorships. When it’s a win-win for both businesses, that makes planning future collaborations easier and more enjoyable. 

The next time you plan an event or a friend asks if you recommend any venues or sponsors, you’ll have a go-to list of resources since forming your business relationships.

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