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I think it goes without saying that Facebook nowadays is a must. Especially when we are talking about businesses.

Getting your name out there is honestly so helpful when you create a business Facebook page and maintaining it is even easier than you would think! Here are our top 4 tips for your Orlando business Facebook page.

Tip 1- Post Consistently

The best way to continually increase your Facebook page likes is to make sure you’re keeping it consistent, and the best way to do that is posting great content at the same times on the same days (see our blog on scheduling your content on a weekly basis here.) This is the best and easiest way to make sure you never skip too many days in a row or get behind. The idea behind this is you want your content to be out there for people to see when they’re on Facebook. The more you post the more people will be exposed to what you’re sharing and your brand.

Orlando Business Facebook Page

Tip 2- Keep all content relevant

If you create a business account on Facebook, keep it strictly business. You never want to add any personal or home life into the mix unless it directly relates to the business somehow. It’s usually strongly recommended to stay off certain topics (i.e. politics, religion) while using a business page. This can drive some customers away or take away from the professionalism of your page.

Tip 3- Interact with other local businesses

Searching for and connecting to other businesses on Facebook is a great way to strengthen your tie to the Orlando community. Like other local pages and dedicate time to like what they’re sharing on Facebook, and you’ll see an increase in the amount of interaction on your posts in return! Not only is does this help with increasing interaction, it also puts your name out there for people who might be following other locals pages but not yours.

Orlando Business Facebook Page

Tip 4- Boost posts

You might be thinking “Why would I pay for posts I put on Facebook?” but boosting posts on your Orlando business Facebook page puts your posts in front of a huge audience, making it easier than ever to get in front of your target market. You are able to narrow down the audience the posts are directed towards by choosing categories that are relevant to your business or the specific post you are boosting. By doing this you will see a huge increase in the amount of likes on your posts as well as the amount of likes on your page.

Orlando Business Facebook Page

Facebook is a great platform to put your Orlando business on display. More than 1.18 billion people use Facebook everyday and most people spend at least 30 minutes a day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Use these 4 tips for your Orlando business Facebook page.

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